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ID : tm2963110602

Sulphonated Hypercrosslinked Exchange Resin (SHER) as catalyst in reaction processes

Sulphonated Hypercrosslinked Exchange Resin (SHER) is a novel ion exchange resin, designed with a unique properties to create a versatile catalyst in reaction processes.

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ID : tm2963410605

Organic Fertilizer

Baja kompos yang dihasilkan daripada produk
sisa dari kilang minyak kelapa sawit dan
pengilangan beras. Sisa ini boleh digunakan
sebagai baja kompos kerana ia mengandungi
pelbagai nutrient yang penting untuk
pertumbuhan tumbuhan

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ID : tm2963710608

Multi-functional modified NI/SBA-15 Catalyst for syngas production from various H-containing compounds

A multi-functional catalytic reactor system using an environmentally friendly mesoporous silica-based catalyst has been successfully designed for generating sustainable sysgas from both methane and ethanol dry reforming reactions with high activity, selectivity and stability.

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ID : tm2964410615

Development of Mathematical Models for Quantitative Risk Assessment in Petroleum Refining Industry

The project developed mathematical models to compute failure probability of risk events and safety instrumented systems at any geographical location precisely and effectively with operation and occurrence time. The project developed models to determine risk and safety integrity levels precisely.

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ID : tm2964510616


Contalisis is a combination of a method (light transmission visualization) plus the instrument needed for the method (lightbox). Its application is to stimulate the behaviour and migration of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) without needing to go to site.

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ID : tm2964610617

Water-Ethylene Glycol Based Hybrid (TiO2 and ZnO) Nano-Coolant for Sustainable Green Machining

Hybrid nanocoolant is a renewable and biodegradable Water-Ethylene Glycol Based Hybrid (TiO2 and ZnO) Nano-Coolant for end milling machining process with MQL. The hybrid nanocoolant providing better performance than flooded and MQL cooling conditions. The drastic increase tool life and improve damage.

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ID : tm2964710618

Wastewater to Battery Material

A technology is developed for metal extraction from ore processing industrial wastewater making complex with legands able to selectively precipitate metal complex. The new material showed excellent properties to be used as battery anode.

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ID : tm2965610627

Trio-Effect Portable Wastewater Treatment System

The present invention introduces a novel design for a water treatment unit. This design has two features, i.e. it can be used in its portable scale for domestic and rural areas such as the villages with minimum power consumption. The unit can be operated using one solar cell and that will eliminate the need for general electrical power source. This portable unit is essential in times of flooding, chemical spillage disasters, remote areas with polluted wells and many applications. The other approach is using the design in industrial scale (air-stripping, oxidation and adsorption) in industrial water treatment units. Such technology is effective because it brings three completely water treatment techniques in one unit that works effectively (time effective and efficiency effective) to remove chemical contaminants from water.

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ID : tm2965910630

Towards Effective and Affordable Natural Repellent Against Mosquitoes

Our previous work was concerned with the aromatic plant basil (Ocimum basilicum). Several accessions (types) collected from different parts of the world showed immense chemical variability. Biological activities of the essential oil were also studied,most notable among which was mosquito repellency. An anti-mosquito preparation containing this essential oil at the level of 1per cent was formulated for use by rubbing on the human skin.

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ID : tm2966210633

Three Induced Suction: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Slope Stabilization

To find an eco-friendly solution on slope, preserve of mature tree can reduce moisture content and thereby, reducing the risk of slope failure.

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ID : tm2966410635

The potentials of Water-In-Diesel (W/D) Emulsions as a Future Fuel

With the increasing energy prices and the drives to reduce CO2 emissions, universities and industries are challenged to find new technologies in order to reduce energy consumption, to meet legal requirements on emissions, and for cost reduction and increased quality.

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ID : tm2966510636

The Potential of Natural Waste for Production of Environmental Friendly Biopot-Mulching (Waste to Wealth)

Seeds are very important to establish plantation for agriculture. Polybags are normally used for seedlings but the polybags wastes harm us more. Other alternative for seedling is by using paper-pot but also has weakness. Mulching is also important in seedlings where unmulched surfaces may develop into a hard-pan,forming hard and impervious layer.

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ID : tm2966610637

The Potential of Natural Waste For Production of Environmental Friendly Biodegradable Film (Waste to Wealth)

Plastic in the environment is regarded to be hazard, since the material is inert. Nondegradable plastics accumulate at the rate of 25 million tonnes per year. According to an estimate more than 100 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year all over the world. In an effort to protect the environment, biodegradable film has been developing from natural waste for packaging application.

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ID : tm2967010641

Synthesis and Application of Natural Biomordant in Natural Dye: Green Technology

Biomordant from natural resources which provide alternative solution to the use of mordant that produce toxic waste. Mordants are chemicals that are necessary to chemically fix most natural dye production is chemical free, non polluted, recommended for a delicate and sensitive skin consumer.

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ID : tm2967310644

Support Vector Machine Learning Method to Predict Recycling Strategy for Electronic Equipment

Nowadays, the quantity of E-waste keeps on increasing. It happened to the whole countries in the world including Malaysia. Awareness of re-cycling and re-usable is still very low. We need our government and private support to enhance public awareness with information thru media, software and electronics shops.

The environmental problem is an extensive, complex problem, and areas of study are areas of study are energy consumptions, material/resources use, recycling and environmentally relevant substance control. Support Vector Machine method (SVM) is used to determine recycling strategy with seven parameters. Three equipments were selected to be examined such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine and television. The prediction model predicts the end of life (EOL) strategies quite closely with real industry practices.

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ID : tm2967510646

SSA-GIS ( School Suitability Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems)

The practice of analysing data manually is time consuming. Thus faster methods are necessary to assist the decision-makers. This invention used to GIS platform to perform using case study through MCSDSS and AHP arcgis database and the result were satisfactory.

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ID : tm2967910650

Sonification as Novel Pretreatment Step during Gaharu (Agarwood Oil) Extraction

Agarwood also known as gaharu is a naturally grown forestry wood which contains the most expensive essential oil and of high demand in the perfume industry, deodorants, toiletries and health products. -High demand from countries such as Middle Eastern, China, Taiwan and West Asia Nations. - Currently, uses of this product are restricted and limited due to its rarity and high prices. -As of May 2009, the price of agarwood essential oil is around RM420 per 1 tole(12ml) and for superior grades could be priced up to RM150,000 per liter. -Conventional extraction method required long hrs and produced low yield. -Current supply can only meet some 20percent of world demand. -Ultrasonic pretreatment caused cavitation activities especially near the interface which enhance mass transfer rates, hence increased extraction yields.

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ID : tm2969010661

Refurbishment of Domestic Wastewater via Phytogreen UMP

Phytogreen UMP acts as a pioneer technology in Malaysia to treat wastewater of industry and domestic waste using specially selected plants. This technology is a breakthrough in Malaysia wastewater treatment technology. It is indeed an accomplishment worth recognition due to the success of treating wastewater up to Standard A. Phytogreen is a new environmentally friendly approach, utilizing green technology to treat and remediate industrial and domestic wastewater. It is bound to be the future of wastewater treatment technology in Malaysia.

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ID : tm2969110662

Recycle CO2 to Methanol Using Artificial Photosynthesis

Converting CO2 into fuel using sunlight responsive catalyst which called artificial photosynthesis is very important that nature does since the beginning of the life. This invention present a low-cost catalyst that could enhance the methanol yield with high quantum efficiency.

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ID : tm2969210663

Recovery of Base Oil from Waste Slop Oil (WSO): Innovative Solution for Marine and Heavy Industries

The main objectives and novelty of this project are to treat the waste slop oil and sludge from marine and heavy industries by using ultrasonic solvent extraction system. Then, generate and produce base oil as new profitable product from waste slop oil (zero waste) as raw material for lubricant oil.

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ID : tm2969410665

Real Time NH3 Monitoring System using an Open-Path Optical Method

Since disasters involving ammonia frequently happen, a new ammonia detection system is highly required to avoid future incidents. The sensor system must have dynamic characteristics such as fast response time, can operate at longer time with less drift, good sensitivity, excellent accuracy and can perform real time monitoring without having any cross sensitivity with other gases. Why optical fibre: Transmitter and receiver can be placed at a safe distance, non-corrosive to any gases such as ammonia, resistance to extreme temperature, can perform in any peak season, no electromagnetic interference, not influenced by electric or magnetic field, can perform distributed measurement rather than a point sensing, small in size, light in weight and can be bent.

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ID : tm2969810669

Production of Aroma Compounds by Degradation of Carotene from Crude Palm Oil and Oil Palm Waste

The invention relates to optimization method of thermal degradation of beta-carotene to aroma compounds mainly dihidroactinidiolide and beta ionone. The optimization method of thermal degradation had been applied for the rich carotene extract from crude palm oil and palm oil wastes (PPF and EBF).

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ID : tm2970210673

Pisoptera : The green technology solution for eliminate termite

Pisoptera is one of the first technology product in Malaysia that has been produced using empty fruit bunch (EFB) as a media to attract subteranean termites. EFB is a lingo cellulose waste from the palm oil mill. It has great potential to become a natural raw material for artificial bait.

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ID : tm2970510676

Photosynthesis : Turn CO2 into fuel

This work present a new and low-cost catalytic system contain of metal ferrite, TIO2 and graphene. The work demonstrated a novel reactor comprising of immobilized catalyst on porous support and enhanced CO2 adsorption capacity. The photocatalytic system showed a 10-fold gain in methanol production.

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ID : tm2970610677

Paddy Husk Waste As A New Natural Solid Flow Improver for Turbulent Liquid Flow In Pipelines

Commercially, the performance of such product with high percentages of flow improvement in pipelines carrying crude oil or raw water means, huge power savings (pumping power savings) and that will produce great commercial benefit especially if we know that the cost of preparing this DRA compared with other commercial DRA's is very low and that will add more commercial benefit to the product. Also, the present DRA can work efficiently in a new Medias plus the pipe-lining systems such as the industrial heat transfer systems because of its high abilities to bear very high temperature. Finally, one of the most important advantages is the solubility condition to any product to be classified as drag reducing agent. This condition is no longer hold by using the PADDY HUSK powders because it can work with any transported media.

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