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ID : tm3006411035

Maximum Power Point Tracker Using Differential Evolution Algorithm for Photovoltaic Power System

This maximum power point (MPP) tracker is basically a photovoltaic (PV) charge controller that can tracks the maximum power point of a pv array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries or direct connection to dc load.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3007211043

The Plane of Centrifugal Forces Resists Twisting in Its Plane

Gyroscope theory explains effects in terms of the angular momentum vector. However, gyroscope theory can be described by one equation of centrifugal and inertial forces. A new mathematical model presents the resistance and precession torques created by the centrifugal and inertial forces. This torque has the following equation where T is the resistance or precession torque, M is the rotors mass, its radius R, angular velocity and an angular velocity of nutation n of the rotor.
T=(8MR'2 _n)/9

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3011211083

Coconut Shell Powder Particle Board

Coconut shell powder is made from the most versatile part of the coconut the shell which is organic in nature. Since it has good durable characteristics, high toughness and abrasion resistant properties, it is suitable for long-term use. The shell is similar to hard woods in chemical composition though lignin content is higher and cellulose
content is lower. To produce coconut shell flour, the shells of fully matured nuts are first cleaned and broken down into small pieces. They are to repeated grinding and
sieved to appropriate sizes. Finally, coconut shell powder particle board composites are made with varying condition. Attempt is made to develop particle board composite system based on waste coconut shell using some known composite concepts or fundamentals. Numerous systems with a wide range of properties are produced depending on recipes, loading etc., that could be easily tailored meet according to applications. Some of the advantageous include light weight, good mechanical, insulating and biocompatible

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3012911100

Environmental Friendly Biodegradable Waste Paper Foam

The Large amounts of non-biodegradable plastic wastes are discarded, which have led to environmental problems. The use of biodegradable materials can help to solve these problems, because they can degrade in the environment by humidity and the action micro-organisms. Disposal of waste paper also has brought great pressure to environment. Waste paper is produced in huge amounts every year and is actively recycled, but it is still incinerated or discarded into the environment. Waste paper can utilizing as material in preparing biodegradable waste paper foam is not only helpful in solving the environmental problems but also in enhancing was materials into valuable product. Polyhydric alcohol liquefaction, as a technique for the use of recycled waste paper to prepared biodegradable polyurethane foam from recycled waste paper. The liquefied waste paper was directly used to prepare polyurethane foam

Kuala Perlis Perlis

ID : tm3316814139

Rapid Composting Of Rice Husk Ash (RHA)with Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO)

Composting Process of rice husk ash been enhancing by using organic additive which is indigenous microorganisms (IMO). Process of compost which normally (IMO). Process of compost which normally take three month to complete can be enhance to one month using IMO.

Kuala Perlis Perlis

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