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UUM COB Voting System
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Every time university carry out students' election there spark a lot of grievances from the students either because their schedule are tight or long queue at the election cast stations. Thus, COBVOTS is designed to overcome these grievances. Under the system students must registered themselves to be an eligible voters. Their mobile numbers will be captured for the purpose of validity. Qualified candidates have to register themselves and a specific voting code will be assigned to each of them. Voters can see the candidate's information and the assigned code via internet. After registration students can cast their votes at anywhere they like and within a specified range of time without queuing and cancel their classes. There is no spoil vote. If a student votes error the system will reply immediately to revote. In the process of voting, students are requested to cast their vote via SMS to GMS which then connected to a server to verify their eligibility and validate their votes for the purpose of integrity. The results of the election can be seen on the screen immediately by the students via internet.

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Research and Innovation Management Center (RIMC), Universiti Utara Malaysia,
06010 Sintok

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Kamil Md Idris (PhD)
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