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THEO-BCC - Nanocomposite Membrane For Protein Bioseparation
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Product Feature:
- Bioprocessing for value-added product from renewable and sustainable technology.
- The bioseparation techniques are increasingly important for biotechnology because separation is often the limiting factor for the success of biological processes.
- Manufacturers of new enzymes, pharmaceutical products require improved methods, equipment, etc. for protein recovering.
- This is a nano-biocomposite membrane where Molecularly Imprinting Polymers (MIP) ideation are implemented by living radical polymerization on the bacterial cellulose membrane produced from pineapple waste by natural microorganism that has been integrated with chitosan composite layer and modified with polyethylene glycerol as the porogen.
- Theophylline is the MIP in nano-scale that incorporated on the surface of biocomposite membrane of bacterial cellulose-chitosan to change its permeability automatically by responding to the presence of template.
- The membrane is reengineered from biological products making is capable to enhance the protein bioseparation process using ultrafiltration.
- The membrane gives many advantages such as appreciable energy saving, environmentally benign clean technology with operational ease and produces high, quality products.
- Furthermore, it's a waste-to-wealth quality product for biotechnology.

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Faculty of Natural Resource and Chemical Engineering, University Technology Malaysia,

81310 Skudai

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Dr Ida Idayu Binti Muhamad
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