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Synthesize of Nanoporous Ceramic Membrane with Bimodal Pore Size Distribution Using Nanosized Template.
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A solid template will be blended into bedmate sol to create secondary pores in y-alumina membrane after calcinations. The creation of secondary pores is tremendously important as they reduce transport resistance greatly in ceramic membrane. Apart from developing the ceramic membranes with bimodal pore size distribution, this research will study the permeability behavior of the ceramic membrane with bimodal pore size distribution using a stirred membrane cell. Pure water permeability test, molecule weight cut off test and dye separation test will be used to help understand its permeability behavior. As the ceramic membranes have great resistance to aggressive chemical and high temperature, the novel ceramic membrane is suitable for applications in the textile industry to remove residual dye as the nonporous ceramics membranes have a molecular cut-off of < 1000 Da. In addition, the novel ceramic membrane has better permeation compared to conventional ceramic membranes. Thus, the novel ceramic membrane will be applied in the textile wastewater treatment in the final stage of the research.

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School of Chemical Engineering, USM, Engineering Campus,

14300 Nibong Tebal
Pulau Pinang

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Prof. Abdul Latif Ahmad / Leo Choe Peng
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