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Study of Physicochemical Properties of Bread using Sourdough Starter from Plantain (Musa Paredisiaca fa. Corniculata) Flour
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A study was done to produce bread using sourdough starter from powdered plantain by formulation of the starter followed by the analysis on Physicochemical property and acceptability. Results of proximate analysis indicated that plantain flour contains 5.98% of protein, 1.33% of crude fat, 0.78% of crude fiber, 15.05% of moisture and 3.18% of ash. The total available carbohydrate was calculated as 73.68%. The bread was formulated by different variation in the ratio of the starter. The four different ratio of plantain flour to water were 1:9, 2:8, 3:7, and 4:6. The sourdough development was analyzed through daily observations and the pH (ranged from 3.65 to 3.85 and total titratable acidity (ranged from 0.0116 to 0.1439) was obtained. The breads were analyzed for proximate compositions (crude fiber, crude protein, fat, moisture, ash content), physical (hardness, crust color, height and weight) and sensory (quantitative descriptive analysis test and hedonic test). For physical analysis, the chroma value, height and weight if all breads differed significantly for having p-value less then x=0.05. While hardness of bread crumb and hue angle value of crust color showed no significant difference. Results indicated that crude protein ranging from 10.35%-11.37% , crude fat (from 7.18%-8.20%), crude fiber (from 0.01%-0.1%), moisture (from 18.71%-28.82%), ash (0.79%-1.04%). From QDA test, all means for each attributes did not differ significantly except for acidulous taste. 25.75% of panelists chose Bread 1 as the most acceptable among the five variations in hedonic test. It can be concluded that plantain flour (as starter) is applicable for making sourdough bread. The results obtained the best sourdough bread is Bread 1 using 1:9 ratio of starter from plantain.

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