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The Shell of Placuna Placenta Linnaeus: A Potential Material for Interior Products
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In Malaysia, Placuna Placenta Linnaeus (Window-pane
Oysterthis or Siput Kapis) is a marine resource of economic
importance especially along the muddy coastal areas
of the western part of Peninsular Malaysia. This bivalve
is gathered by handpicking (in shallow area), or
compressor diving (in deeper areas). The collected siput
will either be used for own consumption or sold to the
local food outlets (as an alternative protein source). After
removing its nutritious flesh, the translucent shell of the
siput will normally be discarded, at will, that much of the
coastal shore areas in the vicinity of these homes and food
outlets would be badly littered with the shells. Taking advantage of its abundance, an R & D project at UNIMAS
has given focus on creating a hybrid material that can serve as an alternative source of raw material for the production of furniture items and other interior products. The 'matrix'of such hybrid material has been found to be applicable for most furniture design and craftworks. The soft and translucence properties of the shell are added advantage in terms of providing attractive final texture and aesthetic quality of the products.

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Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.
94300 Kota Samarahan

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Musdi Bin Haji Shanat