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tm3468215455 STEM Roll-A-Dice
tm3447615447 External water filter with dual-functional photoelectrochemical sensor-adsorbent of copper(II) ions
tm3316814139 Rapid Composting Of Rice Husk Ash (RHA)with Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO)
tm3284113812 Tisc-Tech'- On-Farm Nursery Technique for Acclimatization and Mass Propagation of Tissue-Cultured Banana Seedlings
tm3284013811 A New Innovative Product Development of Halal and High Quality Budu
tm3283913810 Anticancer Study of Red Seaweed, Gracilaria sp. Extracts
tm3283813809 Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties in Natural Blue Colour of Gynochthodes Sublanceolata (Pitang Leaves)
tm3283713808 Bio-composite Particle Board (BIOPAB) From Kenaf Core Fibers'
tm3283613807 Cassava Composite Lumber (CCL)
tm3283513806 Corm-Tech 2.0
tm3283313804 Easy Travelling Baby Milk Bottle
tm3282513796 Microwave Char From Mill Waste
tm3282613797 HM Breeding Chamber
tm3282713798 High Density & Strength Composite Lumbers from Compressed Oil Palm Fronds (COPaF) An Eco-Friendly Material, Strong, Durable, Light and Cheap Alternative to Future Wood
tm3282813799 Herbal Rice Syrup
tm3282913800 Food Containers for Flood Victims
tm3283113802 Exercise Kit
tm3283413805 Dry-Wuduk
tm3283013801 Fine-E: The Under-explored Cassava
tm3283213803 Eco-Friendly Machines for Enhancing Durability and Colour Appearance of Wood
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