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tm3548416111 Device for Low Head Low Flow Pico Hydropower Generation System
tm3524015867 Melastoma Malabathricum-The Alternative of Oral Antiseptic
tm3523915866 Foldit Table
tm3523815865 Easy Toothbrush
tm3523715864 Sang Sulam
tm3523615863 BANLAM (Penggera Banjir Malam-Tanpa Wayar)
tm3523515862 Watermelon Smart Cutter
tm3523415861 Clipz
tm3523315860 Onion Peeler by the Use of Compressed Air
tm3523215859 Okra sp As Bioflocculant for Removal of Heavy Metal Ions in Waste Water
tm3523115858 Hibiscus Leaf as Natural Cool Fever to Reduce Body Temperature
tm3523015857 Chilly Sachet as Alternative to Reduce the Population of Rice Bugs (Sitophilus Oryzae)
tm3522915856 Terrain Warrior
tm3522815855 No Latch
tm3522715854 Eco-Friendly ink
tm3522615853 Waste Oil Transformer (WOT)
tm3522515852 1PUNCH
tm3522415851 Protech
tm3522315850 SJ2005 e-Business Excharge (e-BizX)
tm3522115848 Smart Fuel Tank (Smafet)
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