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tm3361014581 Home Integrated System for Surveillances and Automation Using NFC Technology
tm3360914580 WetFree Solution
tm3360814579 Advance of Ceramic as Neutron Shielding Tiles in Nuclear Application
tm3360714578 Advanced polymer material for the automotive industry
tm3360614577 Agrofibre polymer composites (Natural fibre and thermoplastic)
tm3360514576 Amaryllis 'Orange BioGamma' : Biotechnology- Gamma Generated Plant
tm3360414575 Baka Baru Cendawan Volvariella
tm3360314574 Biobaja Cecair (Bioliquifert)
tm3360214573 BIOLIQUIFERT
tm3360114572 BIO-TIS (Universal Plant Propagator)
tm3360014571 Biotox - Brine shrimp Acute Static test for toxicity bioassay
tm3359914570 BSCAN-RUSS: Software Development for Real-Time B-Scan Inspection System Corrosion Detection of Reactor Tank Wall Puspati Triga Mkll
tm3359814569 Chitosan Gel Wound Dressing Paste
tm3359714568 Deltozide Tablet
tm3359614567 Dendrobium Sonia "KeenaPearl"
tm3359514566 Gaharu Oil Production in Cell and Organ Cultures of Aquilaria spp
tm3359414565 GEM-2 Khidmat Pemetaan Tanah
tm3359314564 GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
tm3359214563 Interlock Concrete Moulds for Concrete Shielding Blocks
tm3359114562 Iridium-192
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