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tm3468215455 STEM Roll-A-Dice
tm3447615447 External water filter with dual-functional photoelectrochemical sensor-adsorbent of copper(II) ions
tm203641411 Airestec Bioactive Enzymatic Surface Decontamination & Cleaner
tm203631410 Airestec Bioactive Enzymatic Cooling Tower Decontamination & Cleaner
tm203621409 BWAVE IoT Services & Solutions Provider
tm203611408 Electron Beam Irradiation Facility
Deep penetration topical cream for fast delivery of bio-actives into body. It is for anti-inflammatory, sinusutis, psoriasis, dengue fever, combacting lice and etc.
An innovative fast delivery method for quick relieve.
tm203591406 Granumas Synthethic Bone Graft
tm1896512 Airestec Bioactive Enzymatic Facade Decontamination & Cleaner
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