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Scope of Funding

An initiative to help non -Research Universities (RU Partners) to improve their research culture and to increase the output of research results. This effort can accelerate RU Partners to reach a level comparable to other RUs.

Application Method
Qualification Criteria

The fund is open to academic staff (lecturers) at Public Institutions of Higher Learning other than Research Universities (RU Partners) with the following criteria:

  1. Malaysian; 
  2. Permanent academic staff (Senior Lecturer, Lecturer) Grade DS 52; 
  3. Contract staff, must have permanent  Malaysian co -researcher;
  4. Only one (1) research project is allowed to be applied;
  5. Research projects that meet the RACE guidelines must be submitted to the RACE secretariat through the RMC of the respective IPT.
Contact Information

Bahagian Perancangan Kecemerlangan IPT,
Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi,
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi,
Aras 7, No. 2, Menara 2, Jalan P5/6,
Presint 5, 62200 W.P. Putrajaya

03 – 8945 1673
Last modified
Jan 2022