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Scope of Funding

LRGS is a fundamental research, involving more extensive scope, a long period of time and requires a high commitment. LRGS can generate theories and new ideas that advanced in a strategic niche to expand the boundaries of knowledge.

Application Method

Online application as per link:

Qualification Criteria
  1. The research must be a fundamental research  that is able to produce a theory, new ideas and innovative creations heading towards a strategic niche for the development of frontier knowledge; and
  2. The research is able to strengthen excellence and expand knowledge, especially in cutting edge fields, specifically the niche that have been identified; and
  3. The research covers humanity and community issues with the purpose of increasing the value of life in the country and the world; or
  4. The research has a potential to contribute to the country's strategic agenda.
Contact Information

Bahagian Perancangan Kecemerlangan IPT, Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi,
Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi,
Aras 7, No. 2, Menara 2,
Jalan P5/6, Presint 5,
62200 W.P. Putrajaya

03-8870 6867
03-8870 6974/6975
Last modified
Jan 2022