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Scope of Funding

Halal Technology Development Fund is specifically designed to finance and nurture small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for long-term growth and export through halal compliant activities.

The primary focus of the fund is to provide companies with access to the best advisory services and networks. Activities include halal product development process and regulatory compliance services, as part of the effort to overcome barriers and hurdles to bring halal products and services to market.

“HTDF offers attractive, holistic and syariah-compliant fund for technology injection to increase capability and capacity so that SME stays ahead of competition. “

Application Method

Manual application by submitting Application Form :

Qualification Criteria

Halal Technology Fund 1

  • The company is incorporated under the Companies Act 1965
  • The company must be at least 60% owned by Malaysian(s)
  • The company qualifies as an SME according to the guidelines on new SME definition 2013 by SME Corp. Malaysia
  • The company has already obtained halal certification from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)
  • The company must not be a subsidiary of a GLC/MNC


Halal Technology Fund 2

  • All the criteria listed above (Halal Fund 1); and the products or services have already been exported.
Last modified
Jul 2022