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Scope of Funding

Conditional grant of RM500,000. Designed specifically to support a wide range of tech startups and SMEs (from digital tech to hard tech) from prototype (>TRL5) to commercialisation stages (>TRL8)

Application Method
Qualification Criteria
  1. Sdn Bhd (including university & research institute spin-offs and SMES)
  2. Revenue of not more than RM5 million
  3. 51% Malaysian-owned
  4. Minimum 2 directors (at least one must be malaysian)
  5. Minimum paid-up capital is RM10,000
  6. Must have IP rights (including university & research institute spin-offs)
  7. Not a subsidiary of a company and no other company holds 25% and more of shareholding in your company
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Last modified
Oct 2020