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Awards Objectives

The MTE 2021 Special Edition: SDG International Innovation Awards (SDGIIA) is the first in the region focusing on recognizing innovation, initiatives, programmes and ideas which contribute to sustainability, eradicating poverty, improving well being, protecting our planet, and building peace and prosperity

Eligibility Criteria

Innovators and Innovative businesses who have innovations, programmes, initiatives or ideas which contribute to the SDG, and create a positive impact to the environment, well-being, peace and prosperity.

  • Government Ministries and Agencies
  • Local Government Municipals
  • Government-Linked Companies
  • Universities
  • Research Institutions
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • NGO’s
  • Civil Society
  • Schools

Medals and certificates will be shipped to all winners

Application Procedures

All entries must comply with the following:
1. Entries must be submitted online through the awards online portal by 6 September – 23:59 (GMT+8). There will be no extensions granted under any circumstances.
2. Any innovations must correspond to the SDG Goals
3. Entries must be submitted into the relevant product category.
4. Entry fees must e paid at the time of submission using online banking transfer, local cheque
5. Awards entries submission and judges interview (if any) must be in English
6. Refunds will not be issued for applications withdrawn after submission
7. Products, including audio, video and/or live content, should be appropriate for a general audience. Explicit or simulated sex, virtual pornography, nudity and violence are prohibited. The organizer, PROTEMP Exhibitions and Conferences Sdn. Bhd in its sole discretion, may determine if a product is not eligible for consideration.
8. Each entry must be accompanied by a 200 word summary of words/ideas, AND one or more of the following evidences in the form of:
a. Photo (jpg format, max 2MB)
b. Powerpoint Slideshow – max 5 mins
c. Video (mp4), 720p, max 350 MB – max 5 mins
d. Physical innovation eg. book in pdf format
9. The content can be expressed in words, images, sound or a combination of any , to enable delivery of the critical messages to the judges.
10. All products write-up, photographs and video submitted can be used for the publicity in relation to the event Malaysia Technology Expo 2021 Sustainable Development Goals
11. The same entry may be submitted into multiple product categories and is eligible to win in each category entered provided the entry meets the requirement for the product category and a separate application fee is paid for each category submitted.
12. Entries must meet ALL the following requirements BEFORE they are qualified for judging:

  •  All required sections and fields of the online entry application forms are completed
  • Applications are submitted successfully
  • Entry fee are paid in full by 6th September 2021

12. Judges will evaluate innovations submitted given in the submission form. Judges may request for more information at any time to support validation which might include video interviews.
13. Judges will evaluate innovations submitted given in the submission form. Judges may request for more information at any time to support validation which might include video interviews
14. Incomplete and unpaid entries will be disqualified. The Organiser, PROTEMP Exhibitions and Conferences Sdn .Bhd is not responsible for follow-up of incomplete entries
15. Judges decisions are final, no appeal will be entertained
16. Results will be published on 8th June 2021, 12.00 (GMT+8) on MTE’s Website. All participant will be notified the result by email before 17:30 (GMT+8)
17. All innovations will be published and promoted on MTE’s website and social media platforms
18. Medals and certificates will be shipped to all winners.
19. By participating in the award, each participant undertakes to guarantee the information and documentation submitted are correct and there is no product infringement on the intellectual property rights of others. Each participant will be responsible for any violation of intellectual property rights if it happens. PROTMEP Exhibitons and Conferences Sdn. Bhd and all stakeholders for this event assumes no liability for such infringement