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Awards Objectives

Recognize  District and Land Offices ,  Resident Office, Department of Land and Surveys and Department of Land and Mines  management system with an excellent and innovative programme to improve the service delivery system.
1. Promote and raise awareness about innovation at the district administration
2. Provide publicity about best practices Innovation Agency to follow by other agencies.
3. Promote healthy competition between government agencies at the district level to enhance the service delivery system.
4. Give feedback to agencies to improve efforts to the improvement of the service delivery system.
5. Acknowledge formally to the Government Agencies that have achieved excellence in implementing innovation improvement programme.

Eligibility Criteria

Participation is open to all agencies:
1. District and Land Office ;
2. District Office (separate with Land Office );
3. Land Office (separate with District Office );
4. Resident Office ;
5. Department of Land and Surveys ;
6. Department of Land and Mines


First : RM150,000
Second : RM100,000
Third : RM50,000
Trophy (First Prize) and  Appreciation Certificate

Application Procedures

Department who interested to join Anugerah Inovasi Pejabat Daerah & Tanah (AIPDT)  2017  need to complete the following actions:
1. Complete an application to participate in AIPDT 2017 ONLINE (ONLINE) after obtaining the consent of the Head of Department with effect from 1 January 2017 until 21 April 2017.
2. Preparing the evaluation report AIPDT 2017 containing;
A. A Completed application form ;
B. Complete the feedback form of Assessment Criteria AIPDT 2017 and attached supporting documents ;
C. Innovation Slide & Best Practices Agensi in Power Point format (.ppt/.pptx)  that explains the initiatives/activities innovation or best practices in agencies as well as the outcome of its performance impact ;
D. Agency must provide the folder that contains the supporting documents on the basis of the evaluation criteria prescribed AIPDT ;
E. Submit products Innovation in the form of hardcopy and softcopy (CD).
Notes : 

Documents should be submitted by 3 copy to Secretariat Innovation & Land District Office 2017.