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Awards Objectives

Recognition to Technologists (Technicians/Laboratory Assistants) as well as semi -professional staff related to science and technology (S&T). The award is implemented to inspire and encourage them to enhance their creativity and redouble their efforts to help advance scientific and technological research in the country. Starting in 2019, the National Technologist Award (AJTN) was rebranded to the Technician (Science) Award for the enforcement of Act 768 - Technologists and Technicians Act 2015, AJTN has been changed to the National Science Technician Award in accordance with Act 768 where technicians are held by technicians with title (Tc) and technologist with title (Ts).

Eligibility Criteria

The target group for is technologists (technicians/ laboratory assistants) who conduct research projects in research centers and public/ private institutes of higher learning or private research organizations in Malaysia.


Trophies, Certificates and Cash amounting to RM10,000.00

Application Procedures

Applications are open online starting month 3 each year and closing on month 7 each year. The Award link and banner will be placed on the MOSTI website.