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Organization Award Provider
Awards Objectives

This Award aims at encouraging innovative and creative science education in the secondary schools. We look forward to receiving not only essays and proposals but also cases already in practice, for example :
1. Guidance for better science education, e.g. ways which will help to kindle and deepen students' interest in science.
2. More effective methods for conducting experiments, ways to utilize equipment and means to urge spontaneity in learning.
3. Designs for teaching materials/apparatus for experiments, observation and seminar (simple devices, easy-to-obtain materials, audio-visual education devices, etc) and actual examples of how they are used.
Other related activities.

Eligibility Criteria

All Applicants and Co-Applicants must be Malaysian citizens and qualified teachers or educators who are involved in science education at the secondary school level (Form 1 up to Form 6/”A” levels) e.g. teachers of secondary schools or technical schools and teaching staff of educational research institutes and registered educational centers (excluding students).


1. Prize money of RM6,000 to RM10,000 per award.
2. Recipients of runner-up awards (prize money of RM4,000)
3. Consolation awards (prize money of RM2,000)
4. Others
5. Certificate of Award

Application Procedures

1. Complete the application form supplied by MTSF and send the completed form to MTSF at the mailing address stated herein. You may request for forms by postcard or facsimile or from the MTSF website.
2. If the achievement is the work of more than one person, please nominate the “Main Applicant” from among them