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Awarding Organisation
Awards Objectives

1. To recognise individual or/and organisations who have contributed and demonstrated excellence in enhancing image, performance and improvement of the construction industry

2. To provide a platform for healthy competition amongst industry players in the quest for excellence by showcasing best practices in project implementation

3. Strengthening the construction industry players, both domestically and internationally

Eligibility Criteria

1. This category is open to Malaysian contractors from Grade G1 to G6 who have a valid registration with CIBD.
2. Contractors participating in this category shall one or more completed projects and have obtained a Certificate of Practical Completion (CPC)/ Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) between 01 July 2016 to 31 December 2018.
3. For small contractors (G3 and below) who do not have CPC/CCC, any evidence of completed works from the client is acceptable.
4. Projects which have previously been assessed in past MCIEA's are not qualified for submission in MCIEA 2019.


In addition to the trophy and certificate of excellence, recipients will also enjoy the following incentives: 
1. Permission to use the MCIEA award logo in their publication for a period of 1 year, effective from the date of receiving the Award
2. Free publicity about their products and services in the CIDB publication for 1 year period.
3. Publicity in the CIDB'S website and other media platforms
4. CCD 40 points awarded to contractors
5. Selected recipients are invited to share their experience  and knowledge in MCIEA Seminar.

Application Procedures

1. All participants vying for the MCIEA 2019 Awards are required to submit using proper entry forms. The respective entry forms are enclosed in this brochure which can also be downloaded from
 2. Applicants may participate in more than one category
 3. Entry form must have been duly completed, signed and dated by the applicant, failing which the submission will be automatically disqualified.
 4. The form must be completed and attached with supporting documents required including the citation on reasons why your entry should receive the Award. Failure to submit these documents may render your submission to be disqualified.
 5. Participants/nominees may be required to furnish or submit additional documents and materials as required for further evaluation. Short-listed entries may be required to give a formal presentation to the Panel of Assessors.
 6. Panel of Assessors shall be allowed reasonable access to inspect the project or related organisation, if required.
 7. CIDB shall have the sole and final decision in the acceptance or disqualification of any entry.
 8. Photographs submitted must be provided in soft copy in JPEG format with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. Materials and photographs submitted to CIDB will not be returned.  
 9. There will be no reimbursement of expenses relating to the submission of participations.