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Awards Objectives

The aim of the MAKNA Cancer Research Award is to promote cancer research among young scientists.

Eligibility Criteria

Application is open to all Malaysian citizens with a basic degree below 40 years of age, residing in Malaysia and interested in cancer research. Students who are pursuing their postgraduate degrees are encouraged to apply.


MAKNA offers 3 to 4 research awards per year with the value of each award not exceeding RM 30,000. 
These awards cannot be used to purchase equipment and to employ salaried personnel. The project must be carried out in Malaysia and completed within 2 years.

Application Procedures

All applications must be submitted online through the Top Research Scientists Malaysia (TRSM) database at before the closing date. Each application must be accompanied by a recent institutional endorsement form signed by the Dean/ Head of the unit in which the candidate will realise the research work (dated no later than six months from date of application).