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National Survey of Innovation is carried out to measure the level of activity and the status of innovation in manufacturing and services sectors. To date, MASTIC has conducted this study for eight (8) times and it was carried out every 3 years. Statistics and trends reported in this study will be adopted by national policy makers and analysts to see the development of innovative activities among manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. The study's findings are also used by government research institutions, higher education institutions and the private sector for further analysis or as a reference.

Scope and Methodology
  • This study adopted the Oslo Manual guidelines issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to enable benchmarking and international comparison.
  • The scope of this study includes all the private companies involved in services and manufacturing. Type of company includes sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited companies and public limited company.
  • Data was obtained by using questionnaires, interviews and workshops.

Used definition of innovation is based on the OSLO Manual guidelines third edition (2005) issued by the Organisation For Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD. Innovation is defined as the implementation of new or improved characteristics of the product, process, organization and methods of marketing in a business firmworkplace organization and external relations.

Current Status Of Recent Study

MASTIC will be conducting The National Survey of Innovation in Manufacturing & Services Sector (Financial Year 2018-2020) in 2021. 

Statistical :

Pattern of The Study

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