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This database contains a list of products or technologies with potential for commercialisation resulting from R&D activities. All data recorded in TECHMART are obtained from government agencies, institutions of higher learning, research institutions and private companies. Some of these products or technologies have been exhibited in national and international exhibitions such as International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX), National Innovation and Economy Creative (NICE) and so on.

TECHMART provides a platform for technology transfer to enhance the application of local technology towards the development of the country's S&T capabilities. This database also provides an opportunity for industry players to obtain information on local products and technology.


S&T Products / Technology is defined as a product or technology that have the potential for commercialization resulting from research and development activities in the field of S&T. The types of products / technologies contained in TECHMART are:

1. Prototype : Experimental model or early sample
2. Pilot Plant       : Small-scale industrial plant.
3. Paten       : An exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process.
4. Copyright : The exclusive right given to the owner of a copyright for a specific period.
5. Trademark  :

It includes words, logos, pictures, names, letters, numbers or a combination of which is placed on the goods or services issued by a manufacturer to distinguish them from those  manufactured or sold by others.

6. Industrial Design : Feature, shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by any industrial process or means of which the features in the finished article appeal to the eye.
Current Status

All TECHMART records are constantly updated to ensure MASTIC provides reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive S&T information to public. Currently, MASTIC is actively updating TECHMART data at the national level in phases.

Users can access the TECHMART data for FREE through the system (  Search for S&T Products / Technology in can be done through:

Home> Search KRSTE > Advanced Search> Search Type> Select ‘TECHMART’.

Registration and Updating

User can register new products and technologies, please click on the button below :

Techmart Registration

For further information or technical assistance, please contact the following MASTIC officer:

Cinque Terre

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Assistant Secretary | C41
Tel: 03-8885 8096
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