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Group: F1230800 Biodiversity and Conservation
Code Name
F1230826 Wildlife Conservation
F1230899 Other Biodiversity and Conservation n.e.c.
Group: F1230900 Advancement of Biological Science Knowledge
Code Name
F1230901 Evolutionary Biology
F1230999 Other Advancement of Biological Science Knowledge n.e.c.
Group: F1239900 Other Biological Sciences n.e.c.
Other Biological Sciences n.e.c.
Category: F1240000 BIOINFORMATICS
Group: F1240100 Computational Molecular Biology
Code Name
F1240101 Comparative Genomics
F1240102 Epigenomics
F1240103 Evolutionary Genomics
F1240104 Functional Genomics
F1240105 Gene Expression Analyses
F1240106 Gene Regulatory Network
F1240107 Genome Annotation, Assembly and Mapping
F1240108 Genome Platform and Tools
F1240109 Genome Profiling
F1240110 Genomics-Based Diagnostic
F1240111 Metagenomics
F1240112 Pharmacogenomics
F1240113 Psychogenomics
F1240114 RNomics
F1240115 Structural Genomics
F1240116 Systematics
F1240117 Toxicogenomics
F1240118 Translational Genomics
F1240199 Other Computational Molecular Biology n.e.c.
Group: F1240200 Structural Bioinformatics
Code Name
F1240201 Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination/Excretion and Toxicity (ADMET) Modelling
F1240202 Binding Pocket Modelling
F1240203 Biomolecular Interactions
F1240204 Biomolecular Structure and Function
F1240205 Biomolecular Topology
F1240206 Computer-based Lead Compound Discovery
F1240207 Molecular Docking
F1240208 Molecular Dynamics Simulation
F1240209 Molecular Virtual Screening
F1240210 Protein Interaction Network
F1240211 Protein Mobility Analysis
F1240212 Structural Proteomics
F1240213 Synthetic Molecular Structure
F1240214 Virtual Structural Library Design and Management
F1240299 Other Structural Bioinformatics n.e.c.
Group: F1240300 Systems Biology
Code Name
F1240301 Animal Systems Biology
F1240302 Cell Modelling
F1240303 Cellular Metabolomics
F1240304 Ecological Systems Biology
F1240305 Host-Pathogen Interaction
F1240306 Microbial Systems Biology
F1240307 Network Modelling
F1240308 Pathway Modelling
F1240309 Plant Systems Biology
F1240310 Systems Immunobiology
F1240311 Systems Neuroscience
F1240399 Other Systems Biology n.e.c.
Group: F1240400 Bioinformatics Tools, Platforms and Technologies
Code Name Scope Note
F1240401 Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems for Life Sciences
F1240402 Bio-Embedded Systems
F1240403 Biogrid and Biocluster
F1240404 Bioimaging Processing
F1240405 Bio-Knowledge Management
F1240406 Biomodeling and Simulation
F1240407 Bioontologies and Semantics
F1240408 Biosensing
F1240409 Biosignal Processing and Analysis
F1240410 Bio-Virtualisation
F1240411 Data Acquisition, Management and Processing for Life Sciences
F1240412 Data and Network Security
F1240413 Data Integration for Life Sciences
F1240414 Data Mining for Life Sciences
F1240415 Data Standards for Life Sciences
F1240416 Database
F1240417 Decision Support Systems
F1240418 Diagnostic Tools for Life Sciences (Including AURA, EEG, GATE and IRIS)
F1240419 Digital Atlases of Organisms
F1240420 Laboratory Information Management Systems
F1240499 Other Bioinformatics Tools, Platforms and Technologies n.e.c
Group: F1240500 Specialised Bioinformatics
Code Name
F1240501 Agriculture Informatics
F1240502 Biodiversity Informatics
F1240503 Bioethics and Intellectual Property
F1240504 Biomedical Informatics
F1240505 Cancer Bioinformatics
F1240506 Drug Discovery Informatics
F1240507 Ecological Informatics
F1240508 Evolutionary Informatics
F1240509 Forensic Bioinformatics
F1240510 Forest Bioinformatics
F1240511 Health Informatics
F1240512 Immunoinformatics
F1240513 Microarray Bioinformatics
F1240514 Microbial Informatics
F1240515 Neuroinformatics
F1240516 Pathology Informatics
F1240599 Other Specialised Bioinformatics n.e.c.
Group: F1240600 Computational Biosciences
Code Name
F1240601 Computational-Aided Drug Design
F1240602 Computational Biochemistry
F1240603 Computational Biomathematics
F1240604 Computational Biophysics
F1240605 Computational Bioprocess
F1240606 Computational Biostatistics
F1240699 Other Computational Biosciences n.e.c.
Group: F1249900 Other Bioinformatics n.e.c.
Other Bioinformatics n.e.c.
Category: F1250000 NUCLEAR SCIENCES
Group: F1250100 Nuclear Fundamental
Code Name
F1250101 Nuclear Data Study
F1250102 Nuclear Fission and Fusion Physics
F1250103 Nuclear Reaction and Scattering
Displaying 601 - 700 of 1134