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Group: F4010700 Artificial Intelligence
Code Name
F4010709 Parallel Architecture and Processing
F4010710 Predictive Analytics
F4010711 Soft Computing
F4010799 Other Artificial Intelligence n.e.c.
Group: F4010800 Signal Processing
Code Name
F4010801 Algorithms and Techniques
F4010802 Data Hiding and Steganography
F4010803 Detection and Estimation
F4010804 Digital Signal Processing
F4010805 Filters
F4010806 Pattern Recognition and Image Recognition
F4010807 Signal Analysis and Processing
F4010808 Speech Recognition
F4010809 Watermarking Techniques
F4010899 Other Signal Processing n.e.c
Group: F4010900 Computation Theory and Mathematics
Code Name
F4010901 Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity
F4010902 Computational Economics
F4010903 Computer Aided Geometrical Design
F4010904 Discrete Mathematics
F4010905 Logics and Meanings of Programs
F4010906 Mathematical Logic and Formal Language
F4010907 Mathematics Software
F4010908 Numerical Analysis
F4010909 Simulation and Modeling
F4010910 Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation
F4010999 Other Computation Theory and Mathematics n.e.c.
Group: F4011000 Data Management
Code Name
F4011001 Compression Technology
F4011002 Data Encryption
F4011003 Data Recovery and Backup
F4011004 Data Security
F4011005 Data Storage and Representations
F4011006 Data Structures
F4011007 Files Management Representation and Organisation
F4011008 Knowledge Base
F4011099 Other Data Management n.e.c.
Group: F4011100 Database Technology
Code Name
F4011101 Data Mining
F4011102 Data Warehousing
F4011103 Database
F4011104 Distributed Database
F4011105 Intelligent Database
F4011106 Mobile Database
F4011107 Multidimensional Database
F4011199 Other Database Technology n.e.c.
Group: F4011200 ICT Policy and Social Impact
Code Name
F4011201 Augmenting Individuals and Transforming Societies
F4011202 Digital Divide and E-Inclusion
F4011203 E-Community
F4011204 E-Strategy
F4011205 ICT Ethics
F4011206 ICT Law
F4011207 ICT Outsourcing
F4011208 ICT Policies
F4011209 Information System (IS) Planning
F4011210 Intellectual Property Rights
F4011211 Open System Standards
F4011212 Social Impact
F4011213 Telecommuting and Teleworking
F4011299 Other ICT Policy and Social Impact n.e.c.
Group: F4011300 ICT Applications
Code Name
F4011301 E-Architecture
F4011302 E-Commerce
F4011303 E-Culture
F4011304 E-Dictionary
F4011305 Education
F4011306 Edutainment
F4011307 E-Government
F4011308 E-Law
F4011309 e-Learning
F4011310 E-Library
F4011311 E-Museum
F4011312 E-Tourism
F4011313 Finance and Insurance
F4011314 Food Traceability
F4011315 Games
F4011316 Games Engines
F4011317 Healthcare
F4011318 Manufacturing
F4011319 M-Commerce
F4011320 M-Government
F4011321 Serious Games
F4011322 Telehealth
F4011323 Teleworking
F4011324 Virtual Reality
F4011325 Wearable Computing
F4011399 Other ICT Applications n.e.c.
Group: F4011400 Software Engineering
Code Name
F4011401 Component Based Software Development
F4011402 Project Management
F4011403 Requirements Engineering
F4011404 Software Design
F4011405 Software Management
F4011406 Software Metrics
F4011407 Software Process Models
F4011408 Software Quality
F4011409 Software Realiability and Testing
F4011410 Software Tools
F4011499 Other Software Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F4011500 Web Technology
Code Name
F4011501 Collaborative Computing
F4011502 Semantic Web
F4011503 Web Services
F4011504 Web Wrapping
F4011599 Other Web Technology n.e.c.
Group: F4011600 Multimedia
Code Name Scope Note
F4011601 Computer Animation and Digital Arts (Including Edutainment, Information Processing Services, Integrated and Expert System for Designing, Multimedia Content, Virtual Reality and Virtual Manufacturing)
F4011602 Computer Graphics and Animations
Displaying 101 - 200 of 384