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Group: F3011400 Biomedical Engineering
Code Name
F3011402 Artificial Organs & Prosthetics
F3011403 Biocomputing and Biochips
F3011404 Biological Data Mining and Visualisation
F3011405 Biomechanics
F3011406 Biomedical Signals
F3011407 Biomedical Systems
F3011408 Biometrics
F3011409 Biophotonic Technology
F3011410 Clinical
F3011411 Computer Assisted Intervention Systems
F3011412 Computer Tomograpy
F3011413 Decision Support Systems
F3011414 Diagnostic and Prognostic Systems and Tools
F3011415 Health Monitoring
F3011416 Implant
F3011417 Mass Screening Systems and Tools
F3011418 Medical Imaging
F3011419 Physiological Process and Modelling
F3011420 Plasma Medicine
F3011421 Radiological Technology
F3011422 Rehabilitation
F3011423 Support System Technology
F3011424 Surgical Technology
F3011425 Telemedicine Technology
F3011426 Therapeutic Systems
F3011427 Tissue Engineering
F3011428 Treatment Technology
F3011429 Virtual Reality
F3011430 Wearable Healthcare Systems
F3011499 Other Biomedical Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011500 Computer Engineering
Code Name
F3011501 Antenna Design
F3011502 Arithmetic and Logic Structures
F3011503 Board Design
F3011504 Control Structures and Microprogramming
F3011505 Display Technology
F3011506 Input, Output and Data Devices
F3011507 Logic Design
F3011508 Memory Structures
F3011509 Mobile Communication Devices
F3011510 Multi-Processor
F3011511 Neural Network Computer
F3011512 Processor Architectures
F3011513 Quantum Computer
F3011514 Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)
F3011515 Wearable Computer
F3011599 Other Computer Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011600 Communication Engineering
Code Name
F3011601 Antenna Technology
F3011602 Broadband Networks
F3011603 Digital Communications Networks
F3011604 Microwave and Millimetrewave Technology
F3011605 Optical and Photonic Systems
F3011606 Radio Communications and Broadcasting
F3011607 Radio Frequency and Wireless Systems
F3011608 Satellite Communications
F3011699 Other Communication Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011700 Space Science and Space Engineering
Code Name
F3011701 Celestial and Orbital Mechanics
F3011702 Experimental and Scientific Satellites
F3011703 Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Science
F3011704 Propulsion
F3011705 Solar-Terrestrial Interaction
F3011706 Space Launchers and Vehicles
F3011707 Space Probes Design and Engineering
F3011799 Other Space Science and Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011800 Interdisplinary Engineering
Code Name
F3011801 Acoustic Engineering
F3011802 Biomimetics
F3011803 Fluid Mechanics
F3011804 Fluidisation
F3011805 Forensic Engineering
F3011806 Heat and Mass Transfer Operations
F3011807 Metrology
F3011808 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
F3011809 Optical Engineering
F3011810 Power Plant Engineering
F3011811 System Engineering
F3011812 Thermodynamics
F3011813 Turbulent Flows
F3011899 Other Interdisplinary Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011900 Advancement of Knowledge Engineering Sciences
Advancement of Knowledge Engineering Sciences
Group: F3019900 Other Engineering and Technology Sciences n.e.c.
Other Engineering and Technology Sciences n.e.c.
Group: F3020100 Aerospace
Code Name Scope Note
F3020101 Advance and Emerging Methods (Including Quantitative Analysis such as Forecasting, Modelling, Inference, Data Mining; Survey Techniques Complex Survey, Rank Set Sampling, Market Survey), and Performance Measurement (Hierarchical Modelling, Data Envelopment Analysis, Stochastic Frontier Analysis and Risk Analysis))
F3020102 Advanced Materials-Composite Special Alloys
F3020103 Advancement of Aerospace Knowledge
F3020104 Aerodynamics
F3020105 Aeroelasticity
F3020106 Aeronautical Technology
F3020107 Aerospace Electrical Systems
F3020108 Aerospace Manufacturing (Including Manufacturing of Transportation Component for Defence and Security System e.g Rotary and Fixed Wing and Instrumentation Manufacturing such as On-Board Computer for Satellites)
F3020109 Aerospace Materials
F3020110 Aerospace Structures
F3020111 Aircraft Design
F3020112 Aircraft Performance
F3020113 Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) System
F3020114 Avionics
F3020115 Computational Fluid Dynamics
F3020116 Earth Observation System (EOS)
F3020117 Experimental Aerodynamics
F3020118 Flight Control Systems
F3020119 Flight Dynamics
F3020120 Ground and Space Stations
F3020121 Intelligent Navigation System
Displaying 201 - 300 of 600