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Group: F3010800 Environmental Engineering
Code Name
F3010808 Zero Emissions
F3010899 Other Environmental Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010900 Marine Engineering
Code Name
F3010901 Coastal and Offshore
F3010902 Hydroinformatics
F3010903 Marine Transport
F3010904 Naval Architecture
F3010905 Oceanography
F3010906 Ports and Harbour
F3010907 Ship and Platform Hydrodynamics
F3010908 Ship and Platform Structure
F3010909 Submersible Vehicle
F3010999 Other Marine Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011000 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Code Name Scope Note
F3011001 CAD/CAM/CAE Applications
F3011002 Casting
F3011003 Cutting Tool Technology
F3011004 Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
F3011005 Ergonomic
F3011006 Fabrication Technology (Including Manufacturing of High Speed/ Precision Equipment Fabrication Machinery and Equipment and Standard Supporting Technologies of Fabrication for Metal and Plastic)
F3011007 Forging
F3011008 Foundry Technology
F3011009 Gerontechnology (Including R&D for Advancement of Knowledge in Gerontechnology)
F3011010 Grinding
F3011011 Latex Products Processing Manufacturing
F3011012 Machining/Rapid Prototyping and Tooling (Including Standard Supporting Technologies of Precision Machining and Micro Machining)
F3011013 Milling and Process Materials
F3011014 Mould and Die
F3011015 OSH Requirement
F3011016 Packaging Technology and Materials
F3011017 Plastic Moulding Technology
F3011018 Polishing
F3011019 Powder Metallurgy
F3011020 Precision Engineering
F3011021 Production Process
F3011022 Productivity Measurement
F3011023 Quality Assurance
F3011024 Reverse Engineering (Including Standard Supporting Technology)
F3011025 Surface Engineering
F3011026 Textile
F3011027 Thixo-Moulding
F3011028 Virtual Manufacturing
F3011099 Other Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011100 Automotive Engineering
Code Name
F3011101 Automotive Control
F3011102 Automotive Design
F3011103 Automotive Prototyping
F3011104 Auxiliary Components
F3011105 Braking System
F3011106 By-Wire Technology
F3011107 Chassis Engineering
F3011108 Collision Avoidance Technology
F3011109 Commercial Vehicles and Trucks
F3011110 Drivetrain Engineering
F3011111 Electric Vehicles
F3011112 Emission Control
F3011113 Engine Management System
F3011114 Fuelling/ Intake Systems
F3011115 Hybrid Vehicles
F3011116 Instrument Cluster Technology
F3011117 Intelligent Vehicle
F3011118 In-Vehicle Entertainment System
F3011119 Lightings
F3011120 Motorsports Engineering
F3011121 Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
F3011122 Off-Road Vehicles
F3011123 Onboard Navigation
F3011124 Performance, Evaluation and Optimisation
F3011125 Safety Technology
F3011126 Stability Control
F3011127 Suspension System
F3011128 Telematics
F3011129 Turbo and Supercharging Technology
F3011130 Tyre Technology
F3011131 Valvetrain Engineering
F3011199 Other Automotive Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011200 Geomatic Engineering
Code Name
F3011201 Cartography
F3011202 Deformation Monitoring
F3011203 Fast Mapping
F3011204 Geodesy and Geodetic Controls
F3011205 Geometry, Radiometry Calibration Analysis
F3011206 Hydrography
F3011207 Industrial and Automated Measurement System
F3011208 Laser Measurement
F3011209 Surveying
F3011210 Navigation and Positioning System
F3011211 Photogrammetry
F3011212 Remote Sensing
F3011213 Spatial Data Modelling and Databasing
F3011214 Spatial Information Systems
F3011215 Surveying and Mapping
F3011299 Other Geomatic Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3011300 Metallurgy
Code Name
F3011301 Heat Treatment
F3011302 Material Recyclibility
F3011303 Metal
F3011304 Metallurgy Process
F3011305 Physical Metallurgy
F3011306 Powder Metallurgy
F3011307 Smelting
F3011308 Specialty Alloy
F3011309 Surface Treatment
F3011399 Other Metallurgy n.e.c.
Group: F3011400 Biomedical Engineering
Code Name
F3011401 Artificial Intelligent Screening
Displaying 101 - 200 of 600