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Group: F9011200 Investment
Code Name
F9011299 Other Investment n.e.c.
Group: F9011300 Logistics and Transportation
Code Name Scope Note
F9011301 Air Transport Management
F9011302 Logistics
F9011303 Maritime (Including Coastal Water Transport, Inland Water Transport, International Sea Transport, Transport Security)
F9011304 Rail Transport (Including Rail Ride)
F9011305 Road Transport (Including of Bicycle and Pedestrianisation, Road Safety, Integrated Transport System, Road Ride)
F9011306 Space Transport (Including Air Transport)
F9011307 Supply Chain Management
F9011308 Transport Economics
F9011309 Transport Engineering
F9011310 Transport Equipment (Including Aerospace Equipment, Automotive Equipment, Aviation Equipment, Environmental Friendly Transport Systems, Navigation Equipment, Rail (Transport) Equipment, Ships and Boats)
F9011311 Transport Marketing
F9011312 Transport Modelling and Planning (Including Routing, Congestion Analysis and Road Planning, Public Transport, Analysis and Scheduling, Accidents Black Spots Analysis, Location and Distribution Analysis and Travel Behaviour Analysis)
F9011313 Transport Policy and Planning
F9011314 Urban Transport
F9011399 Other Logistics and Transportation n.e.c.
Group: F9011400 Technology Management
Code Name Scope Note
F9011401 Appropriate Technology
F9011402 Best Practice Management
F9011403 Change Management
F9011404 E-Business
F9011405 Emerging Technology
F9011406 Ethics, Security and Safety
F9011407 Forensic
F9011408 Green Technology/Low Carbon Technology
F9011409 Human Resource Management
F9011410 Human Technology Interaction
F9011411 ICT Management
F9011412 Innovation Management
F9011413 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)
F9011414 MOT Education and Training
F9011415 New Product and Service Management
F9011416 Project Evaluation and Control
F9011417 Project Planning
F9011418 Project Procurement
F9011419 Quality Performance and Reliability
F9011420 Research and Development Management
F9011421 Road Mapping
F9011422 Science and Technology Management
F9011423 Strategic Management of Technology
F9011424 Supply Chain Management
F9011425 Technology Acqusition
F9011426 Technology Adoption and Acceptance
F9011427 Technology Alliances and Merge
F9011428 Technology and Assessment/Analysis
F9011429 Technology and Civilisation
F9011430 Technology and Development
F9011431 Technology and Law
F9011432 Technology Audit
F9011433 Technology Benchmarking
F9011434 Technology Capability (Including Enhancement of Science and Technology Capabilities in Defence Technology e.g. Aerospace and Communication System, Software, Automotive, Space Technology and Propulsion)
F9011435 Technology Commercialisation
F9011436 Technology Diffusion
F9011437 Technology Financing, Investment
F9011438 Technology Foresight/Forecasting
F9011439 Technology Impact
F9011440 Technology Incubation
F9011441 Technology Indicators
F9011442 Technology Infrastructure
F9011443 Technology Innovation
F9011444 Technology Intelligence
F9011445 Technology Life Cycle
F9011446 Technology Monitoring and Control
F9011447 Technology Policy
F9011448 Technology Policy Studies
F9011449 Technology Prospecting
F9011450 Technology Risk
F9011451 Technology Road Map
F9011452 Technology Strategy
F9011453 Technology Transfer
F9011454 Technology Venture
F9011455 Technopreneur
F9011456 Value Management
F9011499 Other Technology Management n.e.c.
Group: F9011500 Tourism and Hospitality
Code Name
F9011501 Agrotourism
F9011502 Ecotourism Studies
F9011503 Education and Training
F9011504 Food and Hospitality Services
F9011505 Gerontourism
F9011506 Health Tourism
F9011507 Heritage Management
F9011508 Hospitality Management
F9011509 Impact Studies
F9011510 Leisure Studies
F9011511 Product Development
F9011512 Public Policy
F9011513 Social Cultural
F9011514 Support Services
F9011515 Tourism and Economy
F9011516 Tourism and Technologies
F9011517 Tourism and Transport
F9011518 Tourism Economics
F9011519 Tourism Facilities
F9011520 Tourism Forecasting
F9011521 Tourism Management
F9011522 Tourism Marketing
F9011523 Tourism Policy
F9011524 Tourism Resource Appraisal
F9011525 Tourist Behaviour
F9011526 Urban Tourism
F9011599 Other Tourism and Hospitality n.e.c.
Displaying 201 - 300 of 525