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Group: F9010600 Management
Code Name Scope Note
F9010622 Procurements
F9010623 Public Sector Management
F9010624 Quality Management (Including Total Quality Management (TQM))
F9010625 Science and Technology Management
F9010626 Strategic Management
F9010627 Techno-Economics
F9010699 Other Management n.e.c.
Group: F9010700 Human Resource Management (HRM)
Code Name
F9010701 Compensation and Benefits
F9010702 Employee Development
F9010703 Employee Relations
F9010704 Human Resource Planning
F9010705 Industrial Relations
F9010706 Managing Multiculturalism
F9010707 Occupational Safety and Health
F9010708 Performance Appraisal
F9010709 Recruitment and Selection
F9010799 Other Human Resource Management (HRM) n.e.c.
Group: F9010800 Marketing
Code Name
F9010801 Advertising
F9010802 Agricultural Marketing
F9010803 Brands Management
F9010804 Communications
F9010805 Consumer Behaviour
F9010806 Halal Food Marketing
F9010807 Halal Product Marketing
F9010808 Industrial Marketing
F9010809 Market Research
F9010810 Marketing Audit
F9010811 Marketing Information System
F9010812 Marketing of Professional Services
F9010813 Marketing Plan
F9010814 Promotion
F9010815 Public Relations
F9010816 Purchasing
F9010817 Retailing
F9010818 Sales and Distribution
F9010819 Service Marketing
F9010820 Strategic Marketing
F9010821 Wholesaling
F9010899 Other Marketing n.e.c.
Group: F9010900 Human Resource Development (HRD)
Code Name Scope Note
F9010901 Action Learning
F9010902 Adult Learning and Development
F9010903 Building Capacity
F9010904 Career Development
F9010905 Continuing Professional Development
F9010906 Employee Counselling
F9010907 Empowerment of Employees
F9010908 In-Service Training (Including Personnel Training for K-Soldier Development)
F9010909 Knowledge Management
F9010910 K-Workers
F9010911 Learning Organisation
F9010912 Learning Transfer
F9010913 Management Development
F9010914 Organisation Commitment
F9010915 Organisational Development
F9010916 Performance Management
F9010917 Team Building
F9010918 Trainability
F9010919 Training Design
F9010920 Training Management
F9010921 Workplace Learning
F9010999 Other Human Resource Development (HRD) n.e.c.
Group: F9011000 Entrepreneurship
Code Name Scope Note
F9011001 Agricultural Entrepreneurship (Including Plant Industry in Post Harvest Packaging, Post Harvest Logistic, Precision Agriculture and Branding)
F9011002 Corporate Entrepreneurship
F9011003 Entrepreneurial Development
F9011004 Entrepreneurial Studies
F9011005 Entrepreneurship Education
F9011006 Family Business
F9011007 Financing Small Business
F9011008 Franchising
F9011009 Intrapreneurship
F9011010 Small Business Management
F9011011 Small-Medium Enterprises (SME)
F9011012 Technopreneurs
F9011013 Training
F9011099 Other Entrepreneurship n.e.c.
Group: F9011100 Finance
Code Name Scope Note
F9011101 Banking
F9011102 Capital Market
F9011103 Corporate Finance
F9011104 Financial Engineering
F9011105 Financial Institutions
F9011107 Financial Management
F9011108 Insurance
F9011109 International Finance
F9011110 Market Efficiency
F9011111 Off-Shore Finance
F9011112 Risk Management
F9011113 Stock Broking
F9011114 Venture Capital
F9011115 Wealth Management (Including Financial Planning, Asset Accumulation and Management)
F9011199 Other Finance n.e.c.
Group: F9011200 Investment
Code Name
F9011201 Futures
F9011202 Hedge Fund
F9011203 Initial Public Offers (IPO)
F9011204 Institutional Investment
F9011205 Islamic Investment Instrument
F9011206 Market Efficiency
F9011207 Mergers and Acquisitions
F9011208 Mutual Fund
F9011209 Real Estate
F9011210 Stock Market Studies
Displaying 101 - 200 of 525