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Group: F9010100 Accounting
Code Name Scope Note
F9010101 Accounting Education
F9010102 Accounting for Non-Profit Organisations
F9010103 Accounting History
F9010104 Accounting Information System (Including IT and Accounting)
F9010105 Audit (Including Social Audit, Forensic Audit, Environmental Audit)
F9010106 Behavioural Accounting
F9010107 Bicameral Accounting
F9010108 Corporate Governance (Including Accountability, Ethics, Integrity)
F9010109 Corporate Social Responsibility Accounting
F9010110 Environmental Accounting
F9010111 Financial Accounting
F9010112 Financial Reporting (Including Accounting Regulation, Accounting Standards, Accounting Theory, Standard-Setting Process, Financial Reporting in Private and Public Sector Organisations)
F9010113 Forensic Accounting
F9010114 Human Resource Accounting
F9010115 Intelectual Capital
F9010116 International Accounting
F9010117 Islamic Accounting
F9010118 Management Accounting (Including Strategic Management Accounting, Performance Management, Cost Management, Management Accounting Control System)
F9010119 Natural Resource Accounting
F9010120 Public Sector Accounting
F9010121 Taxation
F9010122 Zakat Accounting
F9010199 Other Accounting n.e.c.
Group: F9010200 Economics/Applied Economics
Code Name Scope Note
F9010201 Agricultural and Food Policies
F9010202 Agricultural Developments
F9010203 Agricultural Economics
F9010204 Commercialisation (Including Agribusiness Management, Contract Manufacturing, Market Development Studies, Marketing, Packaging of Technologies, Patent and Licensing, Pilot Scale, Production Economics, Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies Transfer of Technologies and Globalisation)
F9010205 Construction Economics
F9010206 Economic Development and Growth
F9010207 Economic Geography
F9010208 Economic History
F9010209 Economic Modelling and Forecasting
F9010210 Economics of Cooperative
F9010211 Environmental Economics
F9010212 Farmer's Organisation
F9010213 Financial and Monetary Economics
F9010214 Financial Literacy
F9010215 Globalisation
F9010216 Health Economics
F9010217 Industrial Economics
F9010218 Industrial Organisation
F9010219 International Economics
F9010220 International Finance
F9010221 International Trade (Including Competitiveness, Globalisation, Trade Issues and Policies)
F9010222 Islamic Economics
F9010223 Labour Economics
F9010224 Macroeconomics (Including Monetary and Fiscal Theory; and Macroeconomics Issues such as Balance of Payments Issues, Exchange Rates Issues, Fiscal Policy Issues, Income Policy Issues, Industrial Concentration, Monetary Policy Issues, National Accounts, Poverty and Equity, Price Stability, Productivity and Growth, Taxation Issues, Social Security, Cooperative, Agriculture Productivity and Growth and Land Use)
F9010225 Management and Productivity Issues (Including Accountability, Ethics, Industrial Relations Issues, Labour Issues, Quality Management, Shareholder Rights, Transparency and Wage Policies)
F9010226 Microeconomics (Including Microeconomics Issues such as Consumption Issues, Industrial Organisations Issues, Industry Costs and Structure Issues, Industry Policy Issues, Taxation, Job Security, Social Insurance, Land Use, Health Insurance, Financial Literacy, Retirement Planning, Family Economics, Estate Planning and Consumerism)
F9010227 Natural Resource Economics
F9010228 Public Finance
F9010229 Public Sector Economics
F9010230 Regional Agriculture
F9010231 Regional Economics
F9010232 Resource Economics
F9010233 Socio Economic Development (Including Affirmative Action, Distribution, Equity Issues, Minority Groups, Poverty, Social Mobility, Burden of Disease, Governance, Child Welfare, Social Equality, Social Capital and Human Capital)
F9010234 Standardisation and Calibration Services (Including Communication Service Standard, Defence Standards and Calibration, Environment Standard, Manufacturing Standards and Calibration, Measurement Standard and Calibration, Optical Standards and Calibration, Quality Assurance, Radiation Standards and Calibration, Service Industries Standards and Calibration, Radiation Dosimetry Services, Ophthalmic and Contact Lenses Standards)
F9010235 Transport Economics
F9010236 Urban and Regional Economics
F9010237 Welfare Economics
F9010299 Other Economics/Applied Economics n.e.c.
Group: F9010300 Economic Theory
Code Name
F9010301 Agricultural Economics Theory
F9010302 Macroeconomic Theory
F9010303 Mathematical Economics
F9010304 Microeconomic Theory
F9010305 Political Economics
F9010399 Other Economic Theory n.e.c.
Group: F9010400 Economic History and History of Economic Thought
Code Name
F9010401 Comparative Economic System
F9010402 Economic History
F9010403 History of Economic Thought
F9010499 Other Economic History and History of Economic Thought n.e.c.
Group: F9010500 Econometrics
Code Name
F9010501 Applied Econometrics
F9010502 Basic Econometrics
F9010503 Cross Sectional Studies
F9010504 Econometrics Modelling
F9010505 Panel Data Analysis
F9010506 Regressive Analysis
F9010507 Time Series Econometrics
F9010599 Other Econometrics n.e.c.
Group: F9010600 Management
Code Name Scope Note
F9010601 Agribusiness
F9010602 Agricultural Management
F9010603 Behavioural Studies, Resource Management, Knowledge Management
F9010604 Business Ethics
F9010605 Crisis and Risk Management
F9010606 Decision Science
F9010607 Electronic Commerce
F9010608 Entrepreneurial Studies
F9010609 Entrepreneurship
F9010610 Environmental Management
F9010611 Estate Planning and Management
F9010612 Health Management
F9010613 Industrial Relations
F9010614 International Business Management
F9010615 Islamic Management
F9010616 Management Information System
F9010617 Marketing
F9010618 Multimedia Management
F9010619 Operational Management
F9010620 Organisational Studies
F9010621 Plantation Management (Including Crop Management for Banana, Cocoa, Coconut, Coffee, Oil Palm, Pepper, Pineapple, Rubber, Sago, Sugarcane, Tea, Papaya and Oil Palm Mixed With Other Crops e.g. Dragon Fruit)
Displaying 1 - 100 of 525