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Category: F7010000 SOCIAL SCIENCE
Group: F7010900 Geography
Code Name
F7010902 Climatology
F7010903 Economic Geography
F7010904 Environmental Geography
F7010905 Environmental Management
F7010906 Geographical Information System (GIS)
F7010907 Human Geography
F7010908 Population Geography
F7010909 Regional Geography
F7010910 Remote Sensing
F7010911 Social and Cultural Geography
F7010912 Tourism Studies
F7010913 Transport Geography
F7010914 Urban Morphology
F7010999 Other Geography n.e.c.
Group: F7011000 Population and Demographic Studies
Code Name
F7011001 Ageing
F7011002 Family and Household Studies
F7011003 Fertility Trends
F7011004 Migration
F7011005 Morbidity Trends
F7011006 Mortality Trends
F7011007 Nuptiality
F7011008 Population Policy
F7011099 Other Population and Demographic Studies n.e.c.
Group: F7011100 Law
Code Name Scope Note
F7011101 Adat Law
F7011102 Administrative Law
F7011103 Agricultural Law
F7011104 Air and Space Law
F7011105 Alternative Dispute Resolution
F7011106 Biosafety Law (Including , Bioethics, Sustainable Development)
F7011107 Child Law
F7011108 Civil Law
F7011109 Commercial Law
F7011110 Comparative Law
F7011111 Competition Law
F7011112 Constitutional Law
F7011113 Construction Law
F7011114 Contract Law
F7011115 Corporations and Associations Law
F7011116 Criminal Law
F7011117 Customary Law
F7011118 Cyber/ICT Law
F7011119 Disabled Law
F7011120 Energy Law
F7011121 Environmental Law (Including Environmental Impact Assessment, Pollution Law, Heritage Law)
F7011122 Equity and Trust Law
F7011123 Family Law
F7011124 Food Law
F7011125 Governance
F7011126 Health Law
F7011127 Human Rights
F7011128 Indigenous Law
F7011129 Industrial Law
F7011130 Intellectual Property (Including Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Design)
F7011131 International Law (Including Public and Private International Law, Law of the Sea, International Trade Law)
F7011132 Jurisprudence
F7011133 Justice System
F7011134 Labour Law
F7011135 Land Law
F7011136 Law and Literature
F7011137 Law and The Elderly
F7011138 Law of Procedures
F7011139 Law of Torts
F7011140 Legal History
F7011141 Legal Practice and Ethics
F7011142 Legal Systems
F7011143 Maritime Law (Including Admiralty Law)
F7011144 Media Law (Including Entertainment Law)
F7011145 Medical Law
F7011146 Nanotechnology Law
F7011147 Natural Resources Law (Including Water Law)
F7011148 Occupational Safety and Health Law
F7011149 Personal Data Protection Law
F7011150 Planning Law
F7011151 Precautionary Principle Biotechnology Law (Including Stem Cell Law, Plant Variety Protection, Plants Patent)
F7011152 Property Law and Conveyancing
F7011153 Sports Law
F7011154 Taxation Law
F7011155 Tourism Law
F7011156 Transport Law
F7011157 Waste Management Law
F7011199 Other Law n.e.c.
Group: F7011200 Syariah Law
Code Name
F7011201 Administration of Islamic Law
F7011202 Islamic Banking Law
F7011203 Islamic Family Law
F7011204 Islamic Jurisprudence
F7011205 Islamic Law of Evidence
F7011206 Islamic Law of Succession
F7011207 Islamic Law of Transaction
F7011299 Other Syariah Law n.e.c.
Group: F7011300 Psychology
Code Name
F7011301 Abnormal Psychology
F7011302 Biological Psychology
F7011303 Clinical Psychology
F7011304 Cognitive Psychology
F7011305 Comparative Psychology
F7011306 Counselling and Psychotherapy
F7011307 Developmental Psychology
F7011308 Forensic Psychology
F7011309 Health Psychology
F7011310 Islamic Psychology
F7011311 Neuropsychology
Displaying 101 - 200 of 541