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Category: F2100000 BIOTECHNOLOGY
Group: F2100900 Marine Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100903 Cryopreservation
F2100904 Genetic Manipulation
F2100905 Marine Bioprospecting
F2100906 Marine Food Biosafety
F2100907 Marine Genomic
F2100908 Marine Microbial Genetics
F2100909 Marine Pharmaceutical Products
F2100910 Marine Products
F2100911 Molecular Systematics
F2100999 Other Marine Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2101000 Biosafety, Biosecurity and Bioethics
Code Name
F2101001 Eugenics
F2101002 Job Safety Analysis
F2101003 Public Awareness
F2101004 Risk Assessment
F2101005 Risk Management
F2101099 Other Biosafety, Biosecurity and Bioethics n.e.c.
Group: F2101100 Biosurveillance
Code Name
F2101101 Animal Surveillance
F2101102 Biosurveillance Technology
F2101103 Food Safety Surveillance
F2101104 Mortality Surveillance
F2101105 Open Source Monitoring
F2101106 Pathogen Detection Surveillance
F2101107 Policy and Regulation
F2101108 Radiation Surveillance
F2101109 Syndromic Surveillance
F2101199 Other Biosurveillance n.e.c.
Group: F2109900 Other Biotechnology n.e.c.
Other Biotechnology n.e.c.
Category: F8010000 HUMANITIES
Group: F8010100 Linguistics and Literature
Code Name Scope Note
F8010101 Applied Linguistics
F8010102 Asian Languages and Literature (Including ASEAN Languages)
F8010103 Clinical Linguistics
F8010104 Comparative Literature
F8010105 Computational Linguistics
F8010106 Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
F8010108 Dialectology
F8010109 Discourse Studies (Including Critical Linguistics, Text Linguistics, Mediated Discourse Analysis, CDA, Genre Studies, Genre Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Social Interactions Analysis (Macro and Micro), Semiotics)
F8010110 Educational Linguistics
F8010111 Endangered Languages (Including Moribund Languages)
F8010112 Ethnolinguistics
F8010113 Ethnopragmatics
F8010114 Ethnosemantics
F8010115 Feminism (Including Feminism and Power, Sexuality, Empowerment, Class, Disability, Human Rights, Global Feminist, Ethnicity, Power Relations, Neutral Language)
F8010116 Forensic Linguistics
F8010117 Historical Linguistics
F8010118 Intercultural Communication
F8010119 Laboratory Phonetics and Speech Science (Including Prosody)
F8010120 Language Acquisition (Including First Language Acquisition, SLA, Bilingualism, Foreign Language Learning)
F8010121 Language and Gender (Including Social Class, Ageism, Media)
F8010122 Language Evaluation and Assessment (Including Test Specifications, Test of Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing)
F8010123 Language of the Disabled (Including Deaf Culture, Visually Impaired Language/Braille, Sign Language)
F8010124 Language, Media and Culture (Including Social Networks, Impact on Society (Age and Gender), Audience Perception)
F8010125 Lexicography
F8010126 Linguistic Structures (Including Grammatical Structures and Lexicology)
F8010127 Literary Studies (Including Literary Genres, Stylistics)
F8010128 Literary Theory
F8010129 Malay Language and Literature
F8010131 Morphology
F8010132 Phonetics and Phonology (Including Prosody)
F8010133 Pragmatics (Including Conversation Analysis, Non-Verbal Language)
F8010134 Science of Communication
F8010135 Semantics
F8010136 Sociolinguistics (Including Language, Culture and Society, Language Change, Social Dialects, Regional Dialects, Multilingualism, Language Maintenance and Shift)
F8010137 Syntax
F8010138 Translation and Interpretation Studies
F8010139 World Language and Literature Studies
F8010199 Other Linguistics and Literature n.e.c.
Group: F8010200 Historical and Civilisation Studies
Code Name Scope Note
F8010201 Archaeological Science
F8010202 Archaeology of Agricultural and Pastoral Societies
F8010203 Archaeology of Complex Societies: Asia, Africa Oceania and the Americas
F8010204 Archaeology of Complex Societies:
F8010205 Europe, the Mediterranean and the Levant
F8010206 Archaeology of Hunter-Gathered Societies (Including Pleistocene Archaeology)
F8010207 Biography
F8010208 Constitutional History of Malaysia
F8010209 Cultural History
F8010210 Economic and Commercial History of Malaysia
F8010211 Emergence of the Third World
F8010212 Foreign Policy
F8010213 Historical Archaeology (Including Industrial Archaeology)
F8010214 History of Civilisations
F8010215 History of Local Government of Malaysia
F8010216 History of Political Development in Malaysia
F8010217 Malay Historiography
F8010218 Malay Society
F8010219 Malay World
F8010220 Maritime Archaeology
F8010221 Methods and Ideas of History
F8010222 Modern History
F8010223 Muslim History
F8010224 Muslim Society
F8010225 Nationalism in Southeast Asia and Malaysia
F8010226 Prehistory of Southeast Asia
F8010227 World Historical Studies
F8010299 Other Historical and Civilisation Studies n.e.c.
Group: F8010300 Philosophy
Code Name Scope Note
F8010301 Aesthetics
F8010302 Applied Ethics (Including Bioethics and Environmental Ethics)
F8010303 Applied Philosophy
F8010304 Comparative Philosophy
F8010305 Epistemology
F8010306 Ethical Theory
F8010307 Ethics
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