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Category: F2100000 BIOTECHNOLOGY
Group: F2100100 Molecular Biology
Code Name
F2100101 Gene Isolation
F2100102 Gene Probes
F2100103 Gene Transformation
F2100104 Genomic
F2100105 Microarray
F2100106 Molecular and Structural Biology
F2100107 Oligoarray
F2100108 Proteomics
F2100109 Transgenic Studies
F2100199 Other Molecular Biology n.e.c.
Group: F2100200 Plant Biotechnology
Code Name Scope Note
F2100201 Anther Culture
F2100202 Artificial Seeds
F2100203 Cryopreservation
F2100204 Micropropagation
F2100205 Molecular Marker
F2100206 Post Harvest Technology
F2100207 Protoplast Technology
F2100208 Tissue Culture
F2100209 Transgenic Plant (Including Transgenic Crops from the Aspects of Pest and Disease Resistance, Increase Shelf Life, Colour and Nutritional Enhancement, Drought, Salinity and Flooding Resistance)
F2100299 Other Plant Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2100300 Animal Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100301 Animal Cloning
F2100302 Animal Diseases Diagnostic
F2100303 Biofeed
F2100304 Cell Line Culture
F2100305 Cryopreservation
F2100306 Feed and Nutrition
F2100307 Reproduction
F2100308 Transgenic Animal
F2100309 Vaccine
F2100399 Other Animal Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2100400 Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100401 Biocatalyst
F2100402 Biocontrol Agent
F2100403 Bioconversion
F2100404 Biofeedstocks
F2100405 Biofertilizer
F2100406 Biofuel
F2100407 Bioplastic
F2100408 Bioprocess Design
F2100409 Bioremediation
F2100410 Biosensor
F2100411 Bioseparation
F2100412 Biosurfactant
F2100413 Cell Culture Technology
F2100414 Composting
F2100415 Design Technology
F2100416 Downstream Processing
F2100417 Enzyme Technology
F2100418 Fermentation Technology
F2100419 Immobilised Technology
F2100420 Product Recovery
F2100421 Solid Substrate Technology
F2100422 Submerged Fermentation
F2100499 Other Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2100500 Medical Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100501 Biomaterial
F2100502 Diagnostics
F2100503 Gene Therapy
F2100504 Graft Engineering
F2100505 Human/Population Genetics
F2100506 Nano Drug
F2100507 Regenerative Technology
F2100508 Stem Cell Technology
F2100509 Vaccines
F2100599 Other Medical Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2100600 Forensic Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100601 Databasing
F2100602 DNA Archiving
F2100603 DNA Damage
F2100604 DNA Probe Technology
F2100605 Forensic Genetics
F2100606 Forensic Statistics
F2100607 Human Identification Systems
F2100608 Marine Forensic
F2100609 Plant Forensic
F2100610 Population Genetics
F2100611 Trace and Contact DNA
F2100612 Wildlife Forensic
F2100699 Other Forensic Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2100700 Food Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100701 Algal Products
F2100702 Bioconversion
F2100703 Bioprocessing
F2100704 Bioreactor
F2100705 Biosensor
F2100706 Cell Culture Technology
F2100707 Enzyme Technology
F2100708 Functional Food
F2100709 Immobilised Technology
F2100710 Microbial Technology
F2100711 Mushroom Products
F2100712 Nutraceuticals
F2100713 Post Harvest Technology
F2100714 Product Recovery
F2100715 Solid Substrate Fermentation
F2100716 Submerged Fermentation
F2100799 Other Food Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2100800 Biopharmacy Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100801 Biopharmaceuticals
F2100802 Biopharming
F2100803 Drug Discovery
F2100804 Transgenic Drugs
F2100899 Other Biopharmacy Biotechnology n.e.c.
Group: F2100900 Marine Biotechnology
Code Name
F2100901 Algae
F2100902 Biopharmaceuticals
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