Langkau ke kandungan utama
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Category: F8010000 HUMANITIES
Group: F8010400 Arts and Culture
Code Name Scope Note
F8010416 Metal Handicraft Arts and Tradition
F8010417 Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Studies
F8010418 Popular Culture
F8010419 Post and Colonial and Global Culture Studies
F8010420 Screen and Media Culture
F8010421 Theatre
F8010422 Traditional Arts and Culture
F8010423 Traditional Costumes
F8010424 Traditional Performing Arts
F8010425 Traditional Textile (Including Batik, Songket, Pua Kumbu, Limau, Hand-Woven Materials)
F8010426 Wood Carving Tradition
F8010499 Other Arts and Culture n.e.c.
Group: F8010500 Religious Studies
Code Name Scope Note
F8010501 Atheism and Free Thinkers
F8010502 Buddhist Studies
F8010503 Christian Theology (Including Biblical Studies and Church History)
F8010504 Comparative Religion
F8010505 Deviance
F8010506 Fundamentalism
F8010507 Hindu Studies
F8010508 Ijtihad and Tajdid (Religious Revivalism)
F8010509 Indigenous Beliefs
F8010510 Islamic Studies
F8010511 Jewish Studies
F8010512 Missionary and Propagation Studies
F8010513 Moral (Akhlaq)
F8010514 Mysticism
F8010515 Philosophy of Religion
F8010516 Psychology of Religion
F8010517 Quranic and Hadith Studies
F8010518 Religion and Civilisation
F8010519 Religion and Modernisation
F8010520 Religion and Society
F8010521 Religious Education
F8010522 Studies in Other Religious Traditions
F8010523 Theology and Religious Studies
F8010524 Ummatic Studies
F8010599 Other Religious Studies n.e.c.
Group: F8010600 Performing Arts and Music
Code Name Scope Note
F8010601 E-Performance (Including Virtual Performance of Dancers and Arts)
F8010602 Indigenous Musical Instruments
F8010603 Indigenous Performing Arts and Music
F8010604 Modern Dances
F8010605 Modern Music
F8010606 Telematic Choreography
F8010607 Traditional Musical Instruments
F8010608 Traditional/Classical Dances
F8010609 Traditional/Classical Music
F8010699 Other Performing Arts and Music n.e.c.
Group: F8010700 Visual Arts and Crafts
Code Name
F8010701 Crafts
F8010702 Fine Arts Sculpture and Painting
F8010703 Graphics Arts
F8010704 Photography
F8010799 Other Visual Arts and Crafts n.e.c.
Group: F8010800 History and Philosophy of Sciences and Medicine
Code Name
F8010801 History and Philosophy of Medicine
F8010802 History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
F8010803 Sociology and Social Studies of Science and Technology
F8010899 Other History and Philosophy of Sciences and Medicine n.e.c.
Group: F8010900 Clinical Linguistics
Code Name
F8010901 Clinical Morphology and Syntax
F8010902 Clinical Phonetics and Phonology
F8010903 Clinical Semantics and Pragmatics
F8010904 Perceptual Analysis
F8010905 Profiles of Clinical Data
F8010999 Other Clinical Linguistics n.e.c.
Group: F8011000 Advancement of Humanities Knowledge
Code Name
F8011001 E-Culture
F8011099 Other Advancement of Humanities
Group: F8019900 Other Humanities n.e.c.
Other Humanities n.e.c.
Displaying 101 - 165 of 165