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Group: F3010100 Mechanical Engineering
Code Name
F3010101 Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration
F3010102 Combustion and Fuels
F3010103 Hydraulic and Pneumatics
F3010104 Industrial Tribology
F3010105 Internal Combustion Engines
F3010106 Machine Design
F3010107 Mechanical Control
F3010108 Stress Analysis
F3010109 Wear and Tear
F3010199 Other Mechanical Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010200 Chemical Engineering
Code Name
F3010201 Biochemical Process
F3010202 Catalyst and Reactions
F3010203 Chemical Processes
F3010204 Chemical/ Physical Modification
F3010205 Heat/ Mass Transfer Operations
F3010206 Industrial Chemical Production
F3010207 Plant Design and Testing
F3010208 Polymerisation Process
F3010209 Process Control
F3010210 Raw Materials Processing
F3010211 Separation Process
F3010299 Other Chemical Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010300 Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering
Code Name
F3010301 Extractive Metallurgy
F3010302 Mineral Evaluation/Appraisal
F3010303 Mineral Processing
F3010304 Mining Process
F3010305 Precious Metals Recovery
F3010306 Other Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010400 Civil Engineering
Code Name Scope Note
F3010401 Coastal and Offshore
F3010402 Construction Techniques
F3010403 Foundation
F3010404 Geology and Rock
F3010405 Geotechniques
F3010406 Highway
F3010407 Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
F3010408 Infrastructural Engineering (Including Equipment and Infrastructure for Defence System such as Materials and Advanced Materials, Bridge System, Industrialised Construction System Connection System, Bunkers and Underground Structures, Blast Resistance Buildings, Under Water Structures and Coastal Protection Structures)
F3010409 River Engineering/Integrated River Basin Management
F3010410 Structures
F3010411 Traffic
F3010412 Traffic Planning and Management
F3010413 Transportation
F3010414 Water Resources Management/ Integrated Water Resources Management
F3010499 Other Civil Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010500 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Code Name
F3010501 Autonomous System
F3010502 Control and System
F3010503 Device Fabrication and Process
F3010504 Device Physics
F3010505 Digital and Analogue Electronics
F3010506 Discrete Device
F3010507 Embedded System
F3010508 High Voltage
F3010509 IC Design
F3010510 Image Processing
F3010511 Instrumentation
F3010512 Lab-On-Chip (LOC)
F3010513 Machines and Drives
F3010514 Microelectronics
F3010515 Power Electronics
F3010516 Power System
F3010517 Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwaves
F3010518 Robotics and Mechatronics
F3010519 Security System
F3010520 Sensors
F3010521 Signal Processing
F3010522 System-On-Chip (SOC)
F3010599 Other Electrical and Electronic Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010600 Agricultural Engineering
Code Name
F3010601 Agro-Waste Management
F3010602 By-Product Utilisation
F3010603 Farm Estate Planning
F3010604 Farm Machinery
F3010605 Mechanisation System
F3010606 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
F3010607 Post Harvest Handling
F3010608 Precision Farming
F3010609 Storage and Transportation
F3010699 Other Agricultural Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010700 Food Engineering
Code Name Scope Note
F3010701 Engineering Properties of Food and Biological Materials
F3010702 Extraction System
F3010703 Food Dehydration
F3010704 Food Engineering Unit Operations
F3010705 Food Extrusion
F3010706 Food Mechanisation
F3010707 Food Preservation
F3010708 Food Process Control and Automation
F3010709 Food Processing Plant and Machinery Design (Including Manufacturing of Machinery and Equipment for Food Processing)
F3010710 Food Transfer Process
F3010711 Genetically Modified Food
F3010712 Packaging and Handling Technology
F3010713 Radiation Processing
F3010714 Storage and Secondary Processing
F3010715 Thermal Processing
F3010716 Waste Handling and Processing
F3010799 Other Food Engineering n.e.c.
Group: F3010800 Environmental Engineering
Code Name Scope Note
F3010801 Factory Environment
F3010802 Green Manufacturing (Including Water Footprint, Carbon Footprint )
F3010803 Indoor Air Quality
F3010804 Life Cycle Analysis
F3010805 River Rehabilitation
F3010806 Sustainable Sanitation
F3010807 Water Sanitary
Displaying 1 - 100 of 600