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Category: F7010000 SOCIAL SCIENCE
Group: F7010100 Political Sciences and Public Policy
Code Name
F7010101 Comparative Politics
F7010102 Conflict Resolution
F7010103 Development Policies
F7010104 Diplomacy
F7010105 Electoral Studies
F7010106 Empowerment
F7010107 Federalism
F7010108 Foreign Policy
F7010109 Governance
F7010110 International Politics
F7010111 International Relations
F7010112 Islamic Political System
F7010113 Law and Politics
F7010114 Local Government Studies
F7010115 Malaysian Politics
F7010116 Policy Studies
F7010117 Political Economy
F7010118 Political Theory and Political Philosophy
F7010119 Public Policy and Administration
F7010120 Strategic Studies
F7010199 Other Political Sciences and Public Policy n.e.c.
Group: F7010200 Habitat and Human Settlement
Code Name
F7010201 Community Development
F7010202 Disaster Planning
F7010203 Land Use Planning and Management
F7010204 Regional Planning
F7010205 Resettlement Studies
F7010206 Rural Studies
F7010207 Social Housing
F7010208 Urban Studies
F7010299 Other Habitat and Human Settlement n.e.c.
Group: F7010300 Sociology
Code Name
F7010301 Class Studies
F7010302 Consumerism
F7010303 Death and Dying
F7010304 Developmental Sociology
F7010305 Environmental Sociology
F7010306 Ethnic Studies
F7010307 Family Studies
F7010308 Fatwa and Society
F7010309 Future and Foresight Studies
F7010310 Gender Studies
F7010311 Islamisation of Sociology
F7010312 Late-Life Family
F7010313 Medical Sociology
F7010314 Multiethnicity and Pluralism
F7010315 Poverty, Social Welfare, and Social Policy
F7010316 Retirement Planning
F7010317 Rural Sociology
F7010318 Social Capital
F7010319 Social Gerontology
F7010320 Social Impact Assessment
F7010321 Social Informatics
F7010322 Social Justice
F7010323 Social Stratification
F7010324 Social Theory
F7010325 Sociology of Child and Youth
F7010326 Sociology of Consumption
F7010327 Sociology of Development
F7010328 Sociology of Disaster
F7010329 Sociology of Education
F7010330 Sociology of Family
F7010331 Sociology of Health
F7010332 Sociology of Law
F7010333 Sociology of Religion
F7010334 Sociology of Technology
F7010335 Sociology of Work
F7010399 Other Sociology n.e.c.
Group: F7010400 Sociology of Development
Code Name
F7010401 Collective Action and Social Change
F7010402 Industrial Sociology
F7010403 Marginal and Minority Relations
F7010404 Migration
F7010405 Modernity Studies
F7010406 Social Trend and Indicator
F7010407 Urban Sociology
F7010499 Other Sociology of Development n.e.c.
Group: F7010500 Sociology of Politics
Code Name
F7010501 Nation Building
F7010502 Sociology on Local-Global Relations
F7010599 Other Sociology of Politics n.e.c.
Group: F7010600 Community Development
Code Name
F7010601 Community Leadership
F7010602 Community Mobilisation
F7010603 Community Research
F7010604 Community-based Organisation
F7010605 Social Enterprise
F7010606 Social Movement
F7010699 Other Community Development n.e.c.
Group: F7010700 Social Issues and Problems
Code Name
F7010701 Abuse, Neglect and Maltreatment
F7010702 At-Risk Behaviour
F7010703 Cohabitation
F7010704 Criminology
F7010705 Deviance and Social Control
F7010706 Suicide
F7010799 Other Social Issues and Problems n.e.c.
Group: F7010800 Archaeology and History
Code Name
F7010801 Archaeology and Classical Study
F7010802 Marine Archaeology
F7010803 Material Culture
F7010804 Museum and Archives Management
F7010805 Palaeography
F7010806 Prehistory
F7010807 Preservation and Conservation
F7010899 Other Archaeology and History n.e.c.
Group: F7010900 Geography
Code Name
F7010901 Behavioural Geography
Displaying 1 - 100 of 541