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Group: F5010100 Immunology
Code Name
F5010101 Allergy
F5010102 Cellular Immunology
F5010103 Humoral Immunology
F5010104 Immunochemistry
F5010105 Immunogenetics
F5010106 Immunomodulation
F5010107 Nutritional Immunology
F5010108 Radioimmunology
F5010109 Transplantation Immunology
F5010110 Tumour Immunology
F5010199 Other Immunology n.e.c.
Group: F5010200 Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry
Code Name
F5010201 Antioxidants
F5010202 Carbohydrates
F5010203 Hormones
F5010204 Lipids
F5010205 Nucleic Acids
F5010206 Proteins
F5010207 Vitamins
F5010299 Other Medical Biochemistry and
Group: F5010300 Medical Microbiology
Code Name
F5010301 Bacteriology
F5010302 Mycology
F5010303 Parasitology
F5010304 Virology
F5010399 Other Medical Microbiology n.e.c.
Group: F5010400 Pharmacology
Code Name
F5010401 Clinical Pharmacology
F5010402 Medical Pharmacology
F5010403 Molecular Pharmacology
F5010404 Radiopharmacology
F5010405 Therapeutics
F5010406 Toxicology
F5010499 Other Pharmacology n.e.c.
Group: F5010500 Physiology
Code Name
F5010501 Cell Physiology
F5010502 Comparative Physiology
F5010503 Stress Physiology
F5010504 Systems Physiology
F5010599 Other Physiology n.e.c.
Group: F5010600 Neurosciences
Code Name Scope Note
F5010601 Auditory Neuroscience
F5010602 Autonomic Nervous System
F5010603 Cell Receptors
F5010604 Cellular Nervous System
F5010605 Central Nervous System
F5010606 Cerebral Palsy
F5010607 Cerebral Vascular Disorder
F5010608 Degenerative Diseases
F5010609 Epilepsy
F5010610 Migraine
F5010611 Molecular Characterization
F5010612 Neuropsychiatry
F5010613 Peripheral Nervous System
F5010614 Psychogeriatrics
F5010615 Sensory Systems
F5010616 Sleep Disorders
F5010617 Trauma Inflammation (Including Mechanism of Tissue Damage; Head Injury)
F5010699 Other Neurosciences n.e.c.
Group: F5010700 Clinical Medicine
Code Name
F5010701 Allergies
F5010702 Anaesthesiology
F5010703 Carcinogenesis
F5010704 Cardiology
F5010705 Clinical Psychology
F5010706 Dermatology
F5010707 Emergency Medicine
F5010708 Endocrinology
F5010709 Forensic
F5010710 Gastroenterology
F5010711 Geriatrics
F5010712 Gynaecology
F5010713 Hematology
F5010714 Infectious/ Communicable Diseases
F5010715 Intensive Care
F5010716 Medical Genetics
F5010717 Neonatology
F5010718 Nephrology
F5010719 Neurology
F5010720 Neuromuscular Diseases
F5010721 Nuclear Medicine
F5010722 Obstetrics
F5010723 Occupational Therapy
F5010724 Oncology
F5010725 Ophthalmology
F5010726 Orthopaedics
F5010727 Otolaryngology
F5010728 Paediatrics
F5010729 Pathology
F5010730 Physical Therapy
F5010731 Psychiatry
F5010732 Radiation Oncology
F5010733 Radiology
F5010734 Radiotherapy
F5010735 Rehabilitation
F5010736 Reproduction
F5010737 Respiratory Diseases
F5010738 Rheumatology
F5010739 Surgery
F5010740 Transplants
F5010741 Traumatology
F5010742 Urology
F5010743 Venereology
F5010799 Other Clinical Medicine n.e.c.
Group: F5010800 Public Health
Code Name
F5010801 Epidemiology
F5010802 Mental Health
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