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Group: F1270100 Environmental Issues and Assesment
Code Name
F1270102 Agro Waste
F1270101 Acid Rain
F1270199 Other Environmental Issues and Assesment n.e.c.
F1270130 Water Resources Study
F1270129 Water Quality Simulation Modelling
F1270128 Water Pollution
F1270127 Waste Water
F1270126 Toxic and Hazardous Waste
F1270125 Sediment Transport and Silting
F1270124 Sea Water/Salt Water Intrusion
F1270123 Renewable Energy
F1270122 Remote Sensing
F1270121 Radioactive Waste
F1270120 Ozone Depletion
F1270119 Nutrient Removal Process
F1270118 Noise Pollution
F1270116 Land Reclamation
F1270103 Air Pollution
F1270104 Aquatic Environment
F1270105 Atmospheric Chemistry
F1270106 Climate Change
F1270107 Coastal Erosion
F1270108 Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA)
F1270109 Environmental Protection
F1270111 Environmentalism
F1270112 Global Warming/Climate Change
F1270113 Groundwater Contamination
F1270114 Heavy Metal Waste
F1270115 Isotope Hydrology
F1270117 Natural Ecosystem
F1270110 Environmental Racism
Group: F1270200 Environment Technology/Industry
Code Name Scope Note
F1270213 Pollution Control Product
F1270214 Pollution Prevention and Control (Including Agricultural Chemicals, Basic Metal Products, Ceramic, Glass and Industrial Mineral Products, Communication Equipment, Computer Hardware and Electronic Equipment, Fabricated Metal Products, Fibre, Processing and Textiles; Footwear and Leather Products, Human Pharmaceutical Products, Incineration, Industrial Chemicals and Related Products, Instrumentation , Machinery and Equipment, Processed Food Products and Beverages, Quarry and Mining , Transport Equipment, Wood, Wood Products and Paper, Bio-Based Chemicals and Related Products, Building Materials and Bio-Based Pollution Control)
F1270210 Integrated System and Building
F1270215 Pollution Sensing Device
F1270216 Pyrolysis
F1270217 Reduction of Bad-Odour
F1270218 Reduction of Noise and Vibration
F1270219 Steep Slopes and Hill Development Technology
F1270220 Tropicalisation of Product and Process
F1270221 Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology
F1270222 Zero-Discharge Technology
F1270299 Other Environment Technology/ Industry n.e.c.
F1270211 Landscape Technology
F1270212 Organic Waste Treatment
F1270201 Biodegradable Packaging
F1270202 Carbon Sequestration (Carbon Conversion)
F1270203 Cloud Seeding Technology
F1270204 Composting
F1270205 Environmentally-Friendly Products and Technologies
F1270206 Erosion Control
F1270207 Gaseous Treatment
F1270208 Geographical Information System (GIS)
F1270209 Incineration
Group: F1270300 Environment Management and Bioremediation
Code Name Scope Note
F1270309 Flood Mitigation Management
F1270315 Pest Management
F1270316 River Basin Management
F1270317 Soil Bioremediation
F1270314 Park Management
F1270318 Solid Waste Management
F1270319 Storm Water Management
F1270320 Waste Bioremediation
F1270321 Waste Management
F1270322 Water Body Management
F1270323 Water Resources Management
F1270324 Wildlife and Habitat Management
F1270399 Other Environmental Management and Bioremediation n.e.c.
F1270313 Natural Resource Management
F1270312 Integrated Water Resource Management
F1270311 Industrial Water Management
F1270310 Hazardous Waste Management
F1270308 Ex-Mining Land Management
F1270307 Environmental Standards
F1270306 Environmental Risk Assessment and Bionomics
F1270305 Drought Management
F1270304 Drinking Water Quality Standards
F1270303 Disaster Management
F1270302 Coastal Management
F1270301 Catchment Management (Including Water Catchments in The Forest)
Group: F1270400 Advancement of Environmental Sciences Knowledge
Advancement of Environmental Sciences Knowledge
Group: F1279900 Other Environment Sciences n.e.c.
Other Environment Sciences n.e.c.
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