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Category: F1260000 EARTH SCIENCES
Group: F1260100 Geology
Code Name Scope Note
F1260117 Structural Geology
F1260101 Economic Geology (Including Ore Deposit Petrology)
F1260199 Other Geology n.e.c.
F1260118 Volcanology
F1260116 Stratigraphy
F1260115 Speleology
F1260114 Sedimentology
F1260113 Petrology (Including Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Sedimentary Petrology)
F1260112 Petroleum Geology (Including Coal Geology)
F1260111 Palaeontology (Including Pollen Dating)
F1260109 Marine Geoscience
F1260102 Engineering Geology (Including Geohazard)
F1260103 Environmental Geology (Including Conservation Geology/Geotourism)
F1260104 Geochronology (Including Radiometrics, Carbon Dating)
F1260105 Geomorphology
F1260110 Mineralogy (Including Crystallography and Gemology)
F1260107 Glaciology
F1260108 Historical Geology (Including Quaternary Geology)
F1260106 Geotectonics
Group: F1260200 Geophysics
Code Name Scope Note
F1260205 Geothermics
F1260299 Other Geophysics n.e.c.
F1260209 Seismology (Including Earthquake and Tsunami, Seismic Exploration)
F1260208 Radiometric
F1260207 Petrophysics
F1260206 Gravity (Including Gravimetrics)
F1260204 Geomechanics (Including Rock Mechanics, Soil Mechanics)
F1260203 Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism
F1260202 Geomagnetism
F1260201 Geodynamics
Group: F1260300 Geochemistry
Code Name
F1260399 Other Geochemistry n.e.c.
F1260306 Organic Geochemistry
F1260305 Microbial Geochemistry
F1260303 Inorganic Geochemistry
F1260304 Isotope Geochemistry
F1260301 Biogeochemistry
F1260302 Exploration Geochemistry
Group: F1260400 Hydrology
Code Name
F1260401 Ecohydrology
F1260402 Ground Water Hydrology
F1260403 Hydraulic System
F1260404 Hydrometeorology
F1260405 Rural Hydrology
F1260406 Surface Water Hydrology
F1260407 Urban Hydrology
F1260499 Other Hydrology n.e.c.
Group: F1260500 Atmospheric Sciences
Code Name
F1260599 Other Atmospheric Sciences n.e.c.
F1260509 Space Weather
F1260508 Solar-Terrestrial Interaction
F1260507 Palaeoclimatology
F1260506 Monsoon System
F1260504 Magnetosphere Physics
F1260503 Ionosphere Physics
F1260502 El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
F1260501 Climatology
F1260505 Meteorology
Group: F1260600 Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere
Code Name
F1260604 Geomagnetic Field
F1260699 Other Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere n.e.c.
F1260609 Seismo-Ionospheric Coupling
F1260608 Profile
F1260607 Morphology
F1260606 Irregularities
F1260605 Ionospheric Sounding
F1260603 Electron Content and Scintillation
F1260602 Effects on Electromagnetic Waves
F1260601 Dynamics
Group: F1260700 Advancement of Earth Sciences Knowledge
Advancement of Earth Sciences Knowledge
Group: F1269900 Other Earth Sciences n.e.c.
Other Earth Sciences n.e.c.
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