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Category: F1250000 NUCLEAR SCIENCES
Group: F1250100 Nuclear Fundamental
Code Name
F1250102 Nuclear Fission and Fusion Physics
F1250101 Nuclear Data Study
F1250199 Other Nuclear Fundamental n.e.c
F1250109 System of Dose Limitation
F1250108 Radioactivity and Electromagnetic Emission
F1250107 Radiation Source
F1250106 Radiation Effect
F1250105 Radiation Detection and Measurement
F1250104 Nuclear Structure
F1250103 Nuclear Reaction and Scattering
Group: F1250200 Nuclear Technology
Code Name
F1250214 Reactor Technology
F1250299 Other Nuclear Technology n.e.c.
F1250215 Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM)
F1250213 Radiography
F1250212 Radiation Technology
F1250211 Radiation Sterilisation
F1250210 Radiation Safety and Security
F1250209 Non-Ionising Radiation Technology
F1250207 Neutron Science and Technology
F1250206 Neutron Beam Technology
F1250205 Isotope/Isotopic Tracer Technology
F1250204 Ionising Radiation Technology
F1250201 Accelerator Technology
F1250203 Ion and Electron Beam Technology
F1250202 Industrial Radiography
F1250208 Non Destructive Testing
Group: F1250300 Nuclear Engineering
Code Name
F1250307 Radiation Processing
F1250399 Other Nuclear Engineering n.e.c.
F1250311 Thermal Hydraulic
F1250310 Safety Assurance
F1250309 Radiation Sterilisation
F1250308 Radiation Shielding
F1250306 Radiation Detection Device
F1250305 Quality Assurance and Control
F1250304 Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguard
F1250303 Isotope Production
F1250302 Irradiation Effect
F1250301 Fuel and Structural Reactor Materials
Group: F1250400 Nuclear and Radiation Safety
Code Name
F1250401 Decommissioning of Nuclear and Radiation Facility
F1250402 Spent Fuel Management
F1250403 Transport of Radioactive and Nuclear Materials
F1250404 Waste Management
F1250499 Other Nuclear and Radiation Safety n.e.c.
Group: F1250500 Nuclear Security
Code Name
F1250599 Other Nuclear Security n.e.c.
F1250502 Design Basis Threat
F1250504 Physical Protection
F1250501 Border Security
F1250503 Illicit Trafficking
Group: F1250600 Nuclear Safeguard
Code Name
F1250602 Nuclear Material Accounting
F1250603 Nuclear Trade
F1250604 Physical Inventory Verification
F1250699 Other Nuclear Safeguard n.e.c.
F1250601 Containment and Surveillance
Group: F1250700 Radiation Protection
Code Name
F1250701 Dosimetry
F1250702 Internal and External Dose Exposure
F1250703 Occupational Exposure and Hazard
F1250704 Public Exposure
F1250799 Other Radiation Protection n.e.c.
Group: F1250800 Nuclear Law
Code Name
F1250801 Authorisation Process
F1250899 Other Nuclear Law n.e.c.
F1250805 Regulatory Development Process
F1250804 Public Acceptance
F1250803 Nuclear Legislation
F1250802 Enforcement Process
Group: F1250900 International Treaty and Obligation
Code Name
F1250999 Other International Treaty and Obligation n.e.c.
F1250906 Physical Protection of Nuclear Material
F1250905 Nuclear Waste
F1250904 Nuclear Terrorism
F1250902 Nuclear Liability
F1250901 Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapon
F1250903 Nuclear Safety
Group: F1251000 Nuclear and Radiological Emergency
Code Name
F1251001 Decontamination
F1251002 Radiological and Emergency Response
F1251099 Other Nuclear and Radiological Emergency n.e.c
Group: F1251100 Nuclear Analytical methodology
Code Name
F1251199 Other Nuclear Analytical methodology
F1251104 Radon and Thoron
F1251103 Radiotracer
F1251102 Radioimmunoassay
F1251101 Chromosome Aberration
Group: F1251200 Advancement of Nuclear Sciences Knowledge
Code Name
F1251201 Cyclotron
F1251202 Environment Impact Assessment
F1251203 Forensic
F1251204 Gamma Source
F1251205 Neutron Source
F1251206 Radiation Lithography
F1251207 Radiological Impact Assessment
F1251208 Synchrotron
F1251299 Other Advancement of Nuclear Sciences Knowledge n.e.c
Group: F1259900 Other Nuclear Sciences n.e.c
Other Nuclear Sciences n.e.c
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