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Group: F1230100 Biochemistry
Code Name Scope Note
F1230101 Bioenergetics
F1230102 Carbohydrates
F1230103 Cell Biology
F1230104 Electrolytes
F1230105 Enzymology
F1230106 Immunology
F1230107 Lipids
F1230108 Manufacturing Instruments (Including Bioglass, Biochips, Biometrics and Bioreactor)
F1230109 Membrane Biology
F1230110 Neurochemistry
F1230111 Nucleic Acids
F1230112 Proteins
F1230199 Other Biochemistry n.e.c.
Group: F1230200 Genetics
Code Name
F1230201 Biochemical Genetics
F1230202 Cell Biology
F1230203 Comparative Genetics
F1230204 Cytogenetics
F1230205 Developmental Genetics
F1230206 Embryonic Cell Nuclear Transfer
F1230207 Forensic Genetics
F1230208 Mendelian Genetics
F1230209 Molecular Genetics
F1230210 Mutagenesis
F1230211 Phylogenetics
F1230212 Polyploidisation
F1230213 Population Genetics
F1230214 Recombinant DNA Techniques
F1230215 Semantic Dicaryotisation
F1230216 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)
F1230217 Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
F1230218 Stem Cell
F1230299 Other Genetics n.e.c.
Group: F1230300 Microbiology
Code Name
F1230301 Bacteriology
F1230302 Environmental Microbiology
F1230303 Immunology
F1230304 Industrial Microbiology
F1230305 Medical Microbiology
F1230306 Microbial Systematic
F1230307 Mycology
F1230308 Parasitology
F1230309 Plant-Microbe Interactions
F1230310 Protozoalogy
F1230311 Virology
F1230399 Other Microbiology n.e.c.
Group: F1230400 Botany
Code Name
F1230401 Economic Botany
F1230402 Ethnobotany
F1230403 Phycology
F1230404 Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
F1230405 Plant Developmental and Reproductive Biology
F1230406 Plant Pathology
F1230407 Plant Physiology
F1230408 Plant Systematic
F1230409 Plant Taxonomy
F1230499 Other Botany n.e.c.
Group: F1230500 Zoology
Code Name
F1230501 Anatomy
F1230502 Animal Developmental and Reproductive Biology
F1230503 Animal Immunology
F1230504 Animal Systematics
F1230505 Animal Taxonomy
F1230506 Entomology
F1230507 Ethnology
F1230508 Ethology
F1230509 Herpetology
F1230510 Histology
F1230511 Ichthyology
F1230512 Invertebrates
F1230513 Mammology
F1230514 Neurobiology
F1230515 Ornithology
F1230599 Other Zoology n.e.c.
Group: F1230600 Ecology
Code Name
F1230601 Coastal Ecology
F1230602 Ecological Engineering
F1230603 Estuarine Ecology
F1230604 Freshwater Ecology
F1230605 Karst Ecology
F1230606 Landscape Ecology
F1230607 Limnology
F1230608 Mangrove Ecology
F1230609 Marine Ecology
F1230610 Molecular Ecology
F1230611 Montane Ecology
F1230612 Palaeoecology
F1230613 Physiological Ecology
F1230614 Population Ecology
F1230615 Social Biology and Behaviour Ecology
F1230616 Terrestrial Ecology
F1230699 Other Ecology n.e.c.
Group: F1230700 Physiology
Code Name
F1230701 Animal Biophysics Physiology
F1230702 Animal Cell Physiology
F1230703 Animal Systems Physiology
F1230704 Comparative Physiology
F1230705 Human Physiology
F1230706 Insect Physiology
F1230707 Leaf Gas Exchange
F1230708 Microbial Physiology
F1230709 Neurophysiology
F1230710 Physicochemical Assimilation
F1230711 Plant and Water Relation
F1230712 Plant Growth Regulators
F1230713 Post Harvest Physiology
Displaying 1 - 100 of 136