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Group: F1200100 Applied Mathematics
Code Name
F1200101 Approximation Theory
F1200102 Calculus of Variation
F1200103 Category Theory, K-Theory and Homological Algebra
F1200104 Combinatorics
F1200105 Complex Analysis
F1200106 Control Theory
F1200107 Cryptography
F1200108 Dynamical Systems
F1200109 Field Theory
F1200110 Fourier and Harmonic Analysis
F1200111 Functional Analysis
F1200112 Fuzzy Mathematics
F1200113 Geometry, Topology and Manifolds
F1200114 Global Analysis and Bifurcation
F1200115 Graph Theory
F1200116 Group Theory and Generalisations
F1200117 History and Philosophy
F1200118 Indigenisation and Islamisation
F1200119 Integral, Integro-Differential and Functional Equations
F1200120 Linear and Multilinear Algebra
F1200121 Mathematical Logic and Set Theory
F1200122 Mathematical Programming and Optimisation
F1200123 Number Theory
F1200124 Numerical Analysis
F1200125 Operations Research
F1200126 Ordinary Differential and Partial Differential Equations
F1200127 Real Analysis
F1200128 Real and Complex Functions
F1200129 Rings and Algebras
F1200130 Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
F1200131 Several Complex Variables
F1200199 Other Applied Mathematics n.e.c.
Group: F1200200 Applied Statistics
Code Name
F1200201 Decision Theory
F1200202 Experimental Design and Analysis
F1200203 Exploratory Data Analysis
F1200204 History and Philosophy
F1200205 Indigenisation and Islamisation
F1200206 Multivariate Analysis
F1200207 Observational Studies
F1200208 Probability and Distribution Theory
F1200209 Quality and Productivity Measurement
F1200210 Sampling and Survey Techniques
F1200211 Statistical Computing
F1200212 Statistical Inferences
F1200213 Statistical Modelling
F1200214 Stochastic Analysis and Modelling
F1200215 Stochastic Operations Research
F1200216 Survival and Reliability Analysis
F1200217 Time Series and Spatial Analysis
F1200299 Other Applied Statistics n.e.c.
Group: F1200300 Mathematics and Statistics for ICT and Industries
Code Name
F1200301 Algorithms and Cryptology
F1200302 Applied Logic and Automata
F1200303 Artificial Intelligence
F1200304 Circuits and Networks
F1200305 Computational Mathematics
F1200306 Computational Methodology and Complexities
F1200307 Computer Systems Organisation
F1200308 Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD)
F1200309 Data Mining
F1200310 Deterministic and Stochastic Difference
F1200311 Discrete Mathematics
F1200312 Dynamical Systems
F1200313 Experimental Mathematics
F1200314 Forensic Statistics
F1200315 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
F1200316 Image Processing Theory
F1200317 Industrial Computing
F1200318 Industrial Optimisation and Control
F1200319 Industrial Statistics
F1200320 Information and Communication
F1200321 Mathematical Prediction
F1200322 Monitoring Mathematics
F1200323 Natural Language Programming
F1200324 Software Engineering
F1200325 Visualisation of Mathematics
F1200399 Other Mathematics and Statistics for ICT and Industries n.e.c.
Group: F1200400 Mathematics and Statistics for Science and Engineering
Code Name
F1200401 Actuarial Mathematics
F1200402 Actuarial Modelling
F1200403 Biological and Medical Sciences
F1200404 Bio-Mathematics
F1200405 Business, Financial and Managerial Sciences
F1200406 Celestial Mechanics, Mathematical Astrophysics and Cosmology
F1200407 Computational Complex Analysis
F1200408 Deformed Solid Mechanics
F1200409 Economics
F1200410 Fluid Mechanics
F1200411 Inverse Problem
F1200412 Optics and Electromagnetism
F1200413 Particle, Rigid Bodies and System Mechanics
F1200414 Potential Theory
F1200415 Quality Assurance and Standard
F1200416 Quantum Theory
F1200417 Random Matrix Theory
F1200418 Relativity
F1200419 Social Sciences and Humanities
F1200420 Statistical Mechanics and Structure of Matter
F1200421 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
F1200422 Unified Theory and Theory of Everything
F1200423 Visualisation, Prediction and Monitoring
F1200499 Other Mathematics and Statistics for Science and Engineering n.e.c.
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