Langkau ke kandungan utama
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Category: F8010000 HUMANITIES
Group: F8010400 Arts and Culture
Code Name Scope Note
F8010414 Islamic Calligraphy
F8010499 Other Arts and Culture n.e.c.
F8010426 Wood Carving Tradition
F8010425 Traditional Textile (Including Batik, Songket, Pua Kumbu, Limau, Hand-Woven Materials)
F8010424 Traditional Performing Arts
F8010423 Traditional Costumes
F8010422 Traditional Arts and Culture
F8010421 Theatre
F8010420 Screen and Media Culture
F8010419 Post and Colonial and Global Culture Studies
F8010418 Popular Culture
F8010417 Multicultural, Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Studies
F8010416 Metal Handicraft Arts and Tradition
F8010415 Material Culture
F8010401 Aboriginal Culture Studies
F8010413 Filming Tradition
F8010412 Ethnomusicology
F8010411 E-Museum (Including Virtual Museums)
F8010410 E-Culture (Including Digitisation of Cultural Heritage)
F8010409 Drama
F8010408 Design Studies
F8010407 Culture, Gender and Sexuality
F8010406 Cultural Theory
F8010405 Cultural Policy Studies
F8010404 Costumes
F8010403 Consumption and Everyday Life
F8010402 Ceramic Arts
Displaying 1 - 27 of 27