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Group: F4010100 Information Systems
Code Name Scope Note
F4010101 Agent Technology
F4010102 Agricultural Information System (AIS) (Including Information-Based Agricultural Services)
F4010103 Data Exchange Format
F4010104 Decision Support System
F4010105 Electronic Information Storage and Retrieval Services
F4010106 Executive Information System
F4010107 Geographic Information System (GIS) (Including of Digital Data, Digital Model, Environmental Information and Land Value Information, Map, Precise Measurement, Resource-Based Information, Spatial Database, Strategic Information and Geo-Positioning System GPS))
F4010108 Grid Application
F4010109 Information Services (Including Information Services, Library Services, Bioinformation Services, Bussines Intelligence Services, Collaborative Computng Services,Education and Training Services,Health Information Services,legal information services,Natural Resource services, Political Information Services, Social and Community Informtion Services and Internet)
F4010110 Management Information System
F4010111 Rural Informatics
F4010112 Search Engine
F4010113 Semantic Grid
F4010114 Telemedicine
F4010115 Tomography
F4010199 Other Information Systems n.e.c.
Group: F4010200 ICT Infrastructure
Code Name
F4010201 Computer System Organisation
F4010202 Data Communication Device
F4010203 Optical Computing
F4010204 Sensor Networks
F4010299 Other ICT Infrastucture n.e.c.
Group: F4010300 Software
Code Name
F4010301 Compilers and Interpreters
F4010302 Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tools
F4010303 Computer Aided System
F4010304 Decision Support System
F4010305 Embedded Systems
F4010306 Object Oriented Technology
F4010307 Open Systems Software
F4010308 Operating Systems
F4010309 Programming Languages
F4010310 Programming Techniques
F4010311 Safety Critical Software
F4010312 Simulation System
F4010313 Software Agents
F4010314 Software Engineering
F4010399 Other Software n.e.c.
Group: F4010400 Emergent Information Technology
Code Name Scope Note
F4010401 4D, 5D, Nth Dimension Modelling
F4010402 Ad-Hoc Computing (Including Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET), Mobile Ad-Hoc Network(MANET))
F4010403 Autonomous Computing
F4010404 High Performance Computing
F4010405 High Speed Network
F4010406 Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
F4010407 Intelligent Database
F4010408 Knowledge Base
F4010409 Middleware Technology
F4010410 Mobile Computing
F4010411 Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
F4010412 Natural Language
F4010413 Parallel Architecture and Processing
F4010414 Pervasive Computing
F4010415 Quantum Computing
F4010499 Other Emergent Information Technology n.e.c.
Group: F4010500 Communication
Code Name Scope Note
F4010501 Asynchronous Transmission Mode
F4010502 Audio/Voice Communication
F4010503 Barcode
F4010504 Coding and Information Theory
F4010505 Communication Protocols
F4010506 Communication Services (Including of Broadcasting, Postal Communication, Tele-Education, Tele-Working, Multiservice Convergence Network, 3G Cellular Networs, Internet Protocol, Short-Range Communivation, VOIP, Teleport and Tele-Health)
F4010507 Communication Software
F4010508 Data Communication Device
F4010509 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
F4010510 Equipments (Including Broadcasting Equipment,Data Image and Text Equipment,Network Transmission Equipment,Photonic Equipment, Radio and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Nano Equipment)
F4010511 Ethernet Technology
F4010512 Financial Information Grid
F4010513 High Performance Computing
F4010514 High Speed Network
F4010515 Human-Machine Interfacing
F4010516 Integrated Communication Device
F4010517 Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)
F4010518 Mobile Network Technology
F4010519 New IPTV/WebTV
F4010520 Open System Interconnecting (OSI) Model
F4010521 Routers Technology
F4010522 Switched Networks
F4010599 Other Communications n.e.c.
Group: F4010600 Security System
Code Name Scope Note
F4010601 Authentication System
F4010602 Biometrics Security System
F4010603 Computer Forensic
F4010604 Cryptography
F4010605 Digital Signatures
F4010606 Encryption System
F4010607 Firewalls
F4010608 Hacking
F4010609 Intrusion Detection System
F4010610 Intrusion Prevension System
F4010611 Malware, Worms and Viruses
F4010612 National Security (Including Health Aspects such as Medicine and Medical Supply, Disaster Preparedness and Imported Diseases)
F4010613 Security Protocols
F4010614 Security Services (Including Digital Forensic, Steganography, Network Security, Public Key Infrastucture and Biometrics)
F4010615 Smart System
F4010616 Surveillance System
F4010699 Other Security System n.e.c. (Including The Defence System n.e.c. and Manufacturing, Marine, Materials including Armour and Kevlar, Positioning and Mapping Systems, Remote Sensing System, Software, Strategic Air Pollution Control, Strategic Disinfections Systems, Strategic Water Purification Systems, Surveillance including Radar and Defence Satellite, Virtual-Reality War Games, Weapon Systems,Other Information & Communications Services and Technology n.e.c., Biotoxins, Hydrography, Underwater Acoustics Biological Weapon, DNA Identification, Nuclear Weapon, Combat Ration Food Security (Staple Food Production, Planning & Strategies for Production, Management of Food Production, Recognising Contribution of Female Gender in Food Production, Storage and Processing , Food Suffiency (during Military Insurgency) Food Culture, Water Security, Social Capital such as Housing Policy, International Relation and Human Resources, Instrument and Control Engineering, Biological & Chemical Defence System, Oil Palm, Rubber, Mineral, Cocoa, Biodiversity, Natural Resources including Flora and Fauna Security Under Biosecurity,Forest Cover as in Permanent Reserve , Other Commodities and Other Equipments (such as Automotive) , Explosives Guided System, Laser, Material, Night Vision, Propulsion, Rocket System, Sensor, Biological/Chemical Sensor, Telemetry, Satellite Imaging, Energy Source, Remotely Operated Vehicles (Rovs), Biosensor Biodiagnostic Kits, Biological Weapon and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV))
Group: F4010700 Artificial Intelligence
Code Name
F4010701 Cognitive Science
F4010702 Computational Linguistic
F4010703 Expert Systems
F4010704 Logic Programming
F4010705 Machine Learning
F4010706 Natural Language
F4010707 Natural Language Processing
F4010708 Neural, Evolutionary and Fuzzy Computation
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