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Group: F6020100 Forest Engineering and Operation
Code Name
F6020102 Road Design
F6020103 Surveying Techniques
F6020199 Other Forest Engineering and Operation n.e.c.
F6020101 Harvesting System Design
Group: F6020200 Forestry Information System and Technology
Code Name
F6020201 Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging
F6020202 Geographical Information System (GIS)
F6020203 Geospatial Information Technology
F6020204 Precision Forestry
F6020299 Other Forestry Information System and Technology n.e.c.
Group: F6020300 Biodiversity and Conservation
Code Name
F6020399 Other Biodiversity and Conservation n.e.c.
F6020309 Wetlands
F6020308 Peat Swamp Forest
F6020307 Mangrove Forest
F6020306 Lowland Forests
F6020304 Hill and Mountain Forests
F6020303 Genetic Diversity
F6020302 Conservation Areas
F6020301 Beach, Riverine and Peat Swamp Management
F6020305 Inventory and Documentation
Group: F6020400 Pest and Disease Management
Code Name
F6020401 Biological Control
F6020402 Causal Disease
F6020403 Entomology
F6020404 Integrated Pest Management
F6020499 Other Pest and Disease Management n.e.c.
Group: F6020500 Agroforestry
Code Name
F6020502 Integrated System
F6020599 Other Agroforestry n.e.c.
F6020504 Sustainable Production
F6020503 Soil Compaction
F6020501 Fertiliser Regime
Group: F6020600 Forest Management
Code Name
F6020699 Other Forest Management n.e.c.
F6020615 Wildlife Management
F6020614 Urban Forestry
F6020613 Tourism
F6020612 Sustainable Forest Management
F6020611 Soil and Land Improvement
F6020610 Silviculture
F6020609 Reforestation
F6020607 Forest Recreation
F6020608 In-Situ and Ex-Situ Conservation
F6020601 Coastal Zone Management
F6020602 Fire Planning and Control
F6020603 Forest Ecology
F6020605 Forest Modelling
F6020606 Forest Plantation
F6020604 Forest Inventory and Measuration
Group: F6020700 Tree Improvement
Code Name
F6020701 Breeding and Cryopreservation
F6020702 Micropropagation Techniques
F6020703 Seed Technology
F6020799 Other Tree Improvement n.e.c.
Group: F6020800 Wood and Non Wood Forest Products
Code Name
F6020802 Medicinal Plants
F6020899 Other Wood and Non Wood Forest Products n.e.c
F6020806 Wood Utilisation
F6020805 Wood Sciences
F6020804 Wood Processing
F6020803 Oil and Resin
F6020801 Bamboo and Rattans
Group: F6020900 Forest Production and Forest Products
Code Name
F6020999 Other Forest Production and Forest Products n.e.c.
F6020905 Transportation
F6020903 Natural Forests
F6020902 Information and Communication Services in Forestry
F6020901 Harvesting
F6020904 Plantation Forests
Group: F6021000 Advancement of Forestry Sciences Knowledge
Code Name
F6021099 Other Advancement of Foresty Sciences Knowledge n.e.c.
F6021007 Laser Technology
F6021006 Forensic Forestry
F6021005 Engineered Timber and Composite
F6021004 Carbon Sequestration, Legal Aspects of Forestry
F6021003 Biodiversity Conservation/Utilisation
F6021002 Biodiversity Conservation
F6021001 Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging
Group: F6021100 Biomass Utilisation
Code Name
F6021101 Biocomposites and Hybrid Composites
F6021102 Biomass Fuel and Energy
F6021103 Biopolymers and Biodegradables
F6021104 Carbon and Activated Carbon
F6021105 Cellulosic and Fibre Technology
F6021106 Coatings Products Technology
F6021107 Oil and Adhesives
F6021199 Other Biomass Utilisation n.e.c
Group: F6029900 Other Forestry Sciences and Technology n.e.c.
Other Forestry Sciences and Technology n.e.c.
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