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Introductory Bioelectronics: For Engineers and Physical Scientists | Permintaan

Introductory Bioelectronics: For Engineers and Physical Scientists

Introductory Bioelectronics offers a concise overview of the field and teaches the fundamentals of biochemical, biophysical, electrical, and physiological concepts relevant to bioelectronics. It is the first book to bring together these various topics, and to explain the basic theory and practical applications at an introductory level.
The authors describe and contextualise the science by examining recent research and commercial applications. They also cover the design methods and forms of instrumentation that are required in the application of bioelectronics technology. The result is a unique book with the following key features:
 an interdisciplinary approach, which develops theory through practical examples and clinical applications, and delivers the necessary biological knowledge from an electronic engineer’s perspective  a problem section in each chapter that readers can use for self-assessment, with model answers given at the end of the book along with references to key scientific publications  discussions of new developments in the bioelectronics and biosensors fields, such as microfluidic devices and nanotechnology

Pengarang : Ronald R. Pethig, Stewart Smith
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Driving Innovation: Intellectual Property Strategies for a Dynamic World | Permintaan

Driving Innovation: Intellectual Property Strategies for a Dynamic World

Driving Innovation reveals the dynamics of intellectual property (IP) as it drives the innovation cycle and shapes global society. The book presents fundamental IP concepts and practical legal and business strategies that apply broadly to all innovation communities, including industry, nonprofit institutions, and developing countries. Topics include biotechnology, information technology, and entertainment. The book gives general readers and practitioners a global perspective on how the IP system balances exclusivity and public access to innovations, how it changes over time, and how it encourages, channels, and sometimes stifles innovation.

Pengarang : Michael A. Gollin
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Daripada Baik kepada Hebat: 30 Cara Berfikir untuk Menjadi Eksekutif Cemerlang | Permintaan

Daripada Baik kepada Hebat: 30 Cara Berfikir untuk Menjadi Eksekutif Cemerlang

Satu tahun dari sekarang, siapakah yang akan bergelar insan yang hebat? Lima tahun dari sekarang, siapakah yang akan memiliki pesona yang unggul? Sepuluh tahun dari sekarang, siapakah yang akan berjaya dalam hidup


Penulis mengulas dan memberikan tips dan cadangan dalam membina jati diri bagi menjadi seorang yang hebat.

Pengarang : Samsudin Wahab
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Biotechnology Valuation: An Introductory Guide | Permintaan

Biotechnology Valuation: An Introductory Guide

The first book to provide a simple and practical means of valuing biotech companies. The book begins with a short history of the biotechnology industry; this is important as although it is about 30 years old, the first company went public only in 1996, so it is possible to plot the course of investment waves and dips.


It examines the European industry and its evolvement, and draws parallels between the similarities and differences between that and the US

Looks at the various companies which make up the biotech industry (therapeutic; life sciences; and the medical technology company) and gives tools for the investor to properly evaluate them

Pengarang : Karl Keegan
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Innovation is Everybody's Business: How to Make Yourself Indispensable in Today's Hypercompetitive World | Permintaan

Innovation is Everybody's Business: How to Make Yourself Indispensable in Today's Hypercompetitive World

In this practical road map to becoming irreplaceable, global innovation guru and bestselling author Robert B. Tucker reveals why honing your I-Skills (Innovation Skills) may be the smartest career move you'll make. Based on interviews with forty-three innovation-adept managers and individual contributors, Innovation Is Everybody's Business guides you in:


  • Mastering the seven essential I-Skills you need to become indispensable
  • Unleashing the “mindset, skillset, and toolset of the innovator” that enable you to anticipate and rise to the challenges your organization faces in a hypercompetitive era
  • Developing your Personal Innovation Strategy to address the critical components of becoming irreplaceable
  • Assaulting your assumptions at the personal, organizational, and industry levels

Building tools for work-life balance and creating your own job satisfaction

Pengarang : Robert B. Tucker
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The Globalization of Environmental Crisis (Rethinking globalizations) | Permintaan

The Globalization of Environmental Crisis (Rethinking globalizations)

The contributors include social scientists, environmental historians, anthropologists, and science policy researchers, and together they give an overview of the history of the globalization of environmental crisis over the past several decades, both in terms of the science of measurement and the types of policy and public responses that have emerged to date. The specific issue areas addressed in the book cover a wide range of topics, including international environmental governance, North-South inequalities, climate change, global warming, tropical forests, air pollution, economic and paradigm shifts, sustainability, indigenous peoples and eco-conservation, EU environmental policy, the United States and politicized climate science, and more.

Pengarang : Jan Oosthoek (Editor), Barry K. Gills (Editor)
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Methane and Climate Change | Permintaan

Methane and Climate Change

This timely and authoritative book provides the only comprehensive and balanced overview of our current knowledge of sources of methane and how these might be controlled to limit future climate change. It describes how methane is derived from the anaerobic metabolism of micro-organisms, whether in wetlands or rice fields, manure, landfill or wastewater, or the digestive systems of cattle and other ruminant animals. It highlights how sources of methane might themselves be affected by climate change. It is shown how numerous point sources of methane have the potential to be more easily addressed than sources of carbon dioxide and therefore contribute significantly to climate change mitigation in the 21st century

Pengarang : Pete Smith (Editor), David Reay (Editor), Andre Van Amstel (Editor)
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Applied Predictive Analytics | Permintaan

Applied Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is what translates big data into meaningful, usable business information. Written by a leading expert in the field, this guide examines the science of the underlying algorithms as well as the principles and best practices that govern the art of predictive analytics. It clearly explains the theory behind predictive analytics, teaches the methods, principles, and techniques for conducting predictive analytics projects, and offers tips and tricks that are essential for successful predictive modeling. Hands-on examples and case studies are included.


  • The ability to successfully apply predictive analytics enables businesses to effectively interpret big data; essential for competition today
  • This guide teaches not only the principles of predictive analytics, but also how to apply them to achieve real, pragmatic solutions
  • Explains methods, principles, and techniques for conducting predictive analytics projects from start to finish
  • Illustrates each technique with hands-on examples and includes as series of in-depth case studies that apply predictive analytics to common business scenarios

A companion website provides all the data sets used to generate the examples as well as a free trial version of software

Pengarang : Dean Abbott
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Geothermal Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment | Permintaan

Geothermal Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment

The author reviews the background, theory, power generation, applications, strengths, weaknesses, and practical techniques for implementing geothermal energy projects. He stresses the links between acquisition and consumption and the environment. Packed with real world case studies and practical implementation steps, the book covers geosciences principles, exploration concepts and methods, drilling operations and techniques, equipment needs, and economic and environmental topics. Each chapter includes an annotated list of key sources that provide useful information beyond that contained in the text

Pengarang : William E. Glassley
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The Cryosphere and Global Environmental Change | Permintaan

The Cryosphere and Global Environmental Change

This is the first textbook to consider all aspects of the cryosphere system in the context of global environmental change driven by human activity and climate.


  • Considers all six aspects of the cryosphere – ice sheets, glacier ice, permafrost, river and lake ice, sea ice and snow – in the context of global environmental change driven by human activity and climate.
  • Describes a new concept of cryosphere transience and landscape transition which links climate, hydrology, ecology and geomorphology.
  • Looks at the evidence, process, and patterns of cryosphere change, on local and global scales.

Provides a wealth of data to inform the current global environmental change debate

Pengarang : Olav Slaymaker, Richard Kelly
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Energy and the Environment (2nd Edition) | Permintaan

Energy and the Environment (2nd Edition)

The cover photo showing illuminated areas of the Earth at night as seen from space satellites illustrates global energy use patterns. The global extent of increasing energy use is cause to examine the ramifications of resource consumption and its effects on the world in which we live. This text examines several critical topics of global importance associated with our increasing use of resource consumption and its impact on our environment.


Energy and the Environment, 2e provides updated information on pivotal issues that surround the study of energy through the exploration of basic concepts, resources applications, and problems of current interest. The text presents up-to-date research and data from the pages of current journals and government publications

Pengarang : Robert A. Ristinen, Jack P. Kraushaar
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Alam sekitar anugerah tuhan | Permintaan

Alam sekitar anugerah tuhan

Buku ini diterbitkan dengan tujuan menarik perhatian para pembaca kepara peri pentingnya untuk kembali menilai kepentingan alam sekitar dalam kehidupan manusia. Buku yang mengandungi lapan tajuk ini dimuatkan dengan maklumat yang dirasakan dapat menimbulkan kembali kesedaran manusia terhadap pemuliharaan alam sekitar.


Selain itu, ia cuba untuk memupuk rasa menyayangi dan menghargai alam ciptaan Tuhan, menanam rasa prihatin serta peka dengan segala isu dan permasalahan yang menimpa alam sekitar. Kesemuanya ini dilakukan menerusi perspektif Islam, sebagai satu usaha yang menyatupadukan antara iman, ilmu yang bermanfaat dan amalam yang dapat membentuk masyarakat yang bukan sahaja memahami kepentingan alam sekitar malah melindungi dan memeliharanya

Pengarang : Abu Bakar Yang
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The Last Man on the Moon: Astronaut Eugene Cernan and America's Race in Space | Permintaan

The Last Man on the Moon: Astronaut Eugene Cernan and America's Race in Space

The basis of the 2014 award-winning feature-length documentary! A revealing and dramatic look at the inside of the American Space Program from one of its pioneers.


Eugene Cernan was a unique American who came of age as an astronaut during the most exciting and dangerous decade of spaceflight. His career spanned the entire Gemini and Apollo programs, from being the first person to spacewalk all the way around our world to the moment when he left man's last footprint on the Moon as commander of Apollo 17.


Between those two historic events lay more adventures than an ordinary person could imagine as Cernan repeatedly put his life, his family and everything he held dear on the altar of an obsessive desire. Written with New York Times bestselling author Don Davis, The Last Man on the Moon is the astronaut story never before told - about the fear, love and sacrifice demanded of the few men who dared to reach beyond the heavens for the biggest prize of all - the Moon.

Pengarang : Eugene Cernan, Donald A. Davis
How to succeed in work and life | Permintaan

How to succeed in work and life

In How to Succeed in Work & Life, New York Times Best-selling author Todd Duncan challenges the status quo in search of a better, smarter way to work an live. He profiles several people striking out to find "balance". You'll meet an entrepreneur, a bartender, an an accoutant, among others. You'll hear their stories, their challenges, their insights, and the critical lessons they learned.


Duncan contands the last thing we need amid life's inherent ibbalance is another attempt at a how-to formula for perfect balance--equal parts work and life. In fact, he argues that such a holy grail does not exist. Instead, he has issued a more pragmatic formula he calls purposeful imbalance: the process of purposefully learning toward work without sacrificing life and purposefully learning life without damaging your career.

Pengarang : Todd Duncan
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The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help--or Hurt--How You Lead | Permintaan

The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help--or Hurt--How You Lead

In The Silent Language of Leaders, Goman explains that personal space, physical gestures, posture, facial expressions, and eye contact communicate louder than words and, thus, can be used strategically to help leaders manage, motivate, lead global teams, and communicate clearly in the digital age.


Draws on compelling psychological and neuroscience research to show leaders how to adjust their body language for maximum effect.

Stands out as the only book to address specifically how leaders can use body language to increase their effectiveness

Goman, a respected management coach, is widely considered as the expert in body language issues in the workplace

The Silent Language of Leaders will show readers how to take advantage of the most underused skills in the leadership toolkit―nonverbal skills―to improve their credibility and stay ahead of the curve

Pengarang : Carol Kinsey Goman
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Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know | Permintaan

Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know

Management guru Jill Geisler has coached countless men and women who want to build their leadership skills, help employees do their best work, and make workplaces happy and successful. In Work Happy, she provides a practical, step-by-step guide, based on real-world experience, respected research, and lessons that will transform managers and their teams. It's a workshop-in-a-book, designed to produce positive, immediate and lasting results. Whether the listener is an experienced manager, a rookie boss, or an aspiring leader, Work Happy will supercharge their skills and celebrate the values that make anyone look forward to going to work.


Jill Geisler offers concrete steps for improving each element of management, including collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, motivation, coaching, and feedback, so that everyone on the team - whether in the office or working offsite - can do their best.


Work Happy takes management skills to the next level and proves that learning, leadership and life at work can (and should) be fun

Pengarang : Jill Geisler
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Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't | Permintaan

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't

Five years ago, Jim Collins asked the question, "Can a good company become a great company and if so, how?" In Good to Great Collins, the author of Built to Last, concludes that it is possible, but finds there are no silver bullets. Collins and his team of researchers began their quest by sorting through a list of 1,435 companies, looking for those that made substantial improvements in their performance over time. They finally settled on 11--including Fannie Mae, Gillette, Walgreens, and Wells Fargo--and discovered common traits that challenged many of the conventional notions of corporate success.


Making the transition from good to great doesn't require a high-profile CEO, the latest technology, innovative change management, or even a fine-tuned business strategy. At the heart of those rare and truly great companies was a corporate culture that rigorously found and promoted disciplined people to think and act in a disciplined manner. Peppered with dozens of stories and examples from the great and not so great, the book offers a well-reasoned road map to excellence that any organization would do well to consider. Like Built to Last, Good to Great is one of those books that managers and CEOs will be reading and rereading for years to come. --Harry C. Edwards

Pengarang : Jim Collins
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy | Permintaan

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

This is the only how-to volume that investigates the spectroscopy of a variety of nuclides other than H and C in depth. It contains extensive reference material and numerous problems, most of which include real spectra. It is written to provide users with the knowledge necessary to choose the most appropriate experiment to obtain the best quality spectra with the ability to fully interpret the data.


The book covers

  • basic theory of NMR spectroscopy,
  • spectrum measurement,
  • the chemical shift and examples for selected nuclei,
  • symmetry and NMR spectroscopy,
  • spin-spin coupling and NMR spin systems,
  • typical magnitude of selected coupling constants,
  • nuclear spin relaxation,
  • the nuclear overhauser effect,
  • editing C NMR spectra,
  • two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy,
  • dynamic NMR spectroscopy,
  • lanthanide shift reagents (LSR),
  • NMR of solids.

For NMR spectroscopists and analytical chemists.

Pengarang : John H. Nelson
Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction | Permintaan

Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction

An essential introductory text linking traditional biostatistics with bayesian methods

Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction offers a pioneering approach by presenting the foundations of biostatistics through the Bayesian lens.


Topics covered include:

* Probability and subjective probability

* Distributions and descriptive statistics

* Continuous probability distributions

* Comparing rates and means

* Linear models and statistical adjustment

* Logistic regression and adjusted odds ratios

* Survival analysis

* Hierarchical models and meta-analysis

* Decision theory and sample size determination


The book includes extensive problem sets and references in each chapter, as well as complete instructions on computer analysis with the versatile SAS and WinBUGS software packages as well as the Excel spreadsheet program. For professionals and students, Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction offers a unique, real-world entry point into a remarkable alternative method of interpreting statistical data.

Pengarang : George G. Woodworth
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INSIDE ENERGY | Permintaan


This book provides practical information for understanding and developing an ISO 50000 Energy Management System (EnMS), including clear and concise explanations of the standards and requirements. Building from chapter to chapter, it supplies comprehensive direction for developing, implementing, and managing an EnMS. The text also explains the relationship between ISO 9000 and 14000, and offers guidance for integrating EnMS concepts with existing organizational policies, processes, and procedures. It also offers additional guidance on methods available to management and energy teams when implementing the ISO 50001 requirements.

The book takes readers through the steps that can transform existing energy management systems to far more effective ones that significantly reduce the costs of energy in the business’ bottom line. It includes perspectives on multinational and national energy and environment policies that will likely affect the cost of energy purchased in the world’s markets. Using the information found in this book, you can save your organization money by increasing energy efficiency and/or reducing and more effectively managing energy generation or usage. You can also reduce generation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promote improved public relations by demonstrating that the organization is taking measurable and tangible efforts (ISO 50001) to manage energy.

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Since its release in 2006, "Financial Intelligence" has become a favorite among managers who need a guided tour through the numbers - helping them to understand not only what the numbers really mean, but also why they matter. This new, completely updated edition brings the numbers up to date and continues to teach the basics of finance to managers who need to use financial data to drive their business. It also addresses issues that have become even more important in recent years - including questions around the financial crisis and those around broader financial and accounting literacy. Accessible, jargon-free, and filled with entertaining stories of real companies, "Financial Intelligence" gives non-financial managers the confidence to understand the nuance beyond the numbers - to help bring everyday work to a new level.

Tahun Penerbitan :


This completely updated guide to java is designed to be paired with the sixth edition of Joyce Farrell’s Programming Logic and Design text. Together, the two books provide the perfect opportunity for those who want to learn the fundamentals of programming and gain exposure to an actual programming language. Readers can discover how real Java code behaves within the context of the traditional language-independent logic and design course.

Pengarang : JO ANN SMITH
Tahun Penerbitan :


Manual Asas Kerosakan Dan Baik Pulih Komputer Peribadi dengan penerangan dan rajah-rajah jelas. Manual ini sambungan dari Manual Asas Pemasangan Komputer Peribadi Dan Internet dari penulis yang sama. Selepas membina sendiri, cuba baiki pula, pastinya anda akan merasa kejayaan yang berlipat ganda.

Tahun Penerbitan :


Jack Foster's simple five-step technique for solving problems and getting ideas takes the mystery and anxiety out of the idea-generating process. It's a proven process that works. You'll learn to condition your mind to become "idea-prone," utilize your sense of humor, develop your curiosity, visualize your goals, rethink your thinking, and overcome your fear of rejection.
This expanded edition of the inspiring and enlightening classic features new information on how to turn failures to your advantage and how to create a rich, idea-inducing environment. Dozens of new examples and real life stories show that anyone can learn to get more and better ideas.

Pengarang : JACK FOSTER
Tahun Penerbitan :


100 Ways To Motivate Others is the culmination of many years of successful leadership coaching and training by best-selling author Steve Chandler and attorney Scott Richardson and the natural follow-up to Chandler’s two previous best-sellers 100 ways to motivate yourself and reinventing yourself. This vital, user friendly, inspirational guide is for executives, managers, and professionals as well as those aspiring to reach their level. This book inspires extremely tough-minded leadership that gives the gift of clarity and vision to every person following the leader.

Tahun Penerbitan :


Doug Howard and Kevin Prince draw upon their vast experience of providing security services to many Fortune-ranked companies, as well as small and medium businesses. Along with their panel of security expert contributors, they offer real-world experience that provides a perspective on security past, present, and future. Some risk scenarios may surprise you. Some may embody fears you have already considered. But all will help you make tomorrow's IT world a little more secure than today's.

        • Over 50 industry experts weigh in with their thoughts
        • Review the history of security breaches
        • Explore likely future threats, including social networking concerns and doppelganger attacks
        • Understand the threat to Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) technologies
        • Consider the impact of an attack on the global financial system
        • Look at the expected evolution of intrusion detection systems, network access control, and related safeguards
        • Learn to combat the risks inherent in mobile devices and cloud computing
        • Study 11 chilling and highly possible scenarios that might happen in the future

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Buku ini membongkar 11 teori dan prinsip motivasi di mana menjadi kunci kepada sikap rajin dan positif pekerja. Terbukti membantu menjadikan pekerja lebih setia, bersedia dan bekerja tanpa meningkatkan kos operasi. Buku ini memberi tiga perkara unggul kepada majikan, pengurus dan pegawai atasan bagi memotivasikan pekerja:

  • Strategi dorongan dari dalam diri pekerja. Dahulu organisasi dilihat sebagai tempat makan gaji, kini menjadi tempat berkembangnya potensi diri.
  • Strategi berfikir seperti majikan. Pekerja yang berfikir gaya majikan akan mengurus kerja secara berkesan. Mereka meletakkan faktor wang sebagai faktor kedua.
  • Strategi mengurus kos membaik pulih yang dilakukan oleh pekerja kesan daripada suntikan motivasi yang tidak kena cara dan tempatnya.

Organisasi menjadi syurga apabila semua pekerja gembira dan kekal setia. Hanya resipi motivasi yang memungkinkan ia berlaku. Pilih dan segera lakukan di tempat kerja.

Tahun Penerbitan :
ONE SIMPLE IDEA | Permintaan


You’ll be amazed at how simple the process of licensing an idea for profit actually is. Key explains how to:

  • Keep your ideas safe without spending time and money on a patent
  • Be your own boss without formally opening a business
  • See your product go to market without footing a dime in expenses
  • Make potentially big money without quitting your day job

With One Simple Idea, there’s no prototyping, no patents and best of all no risk. You can make the system work for you rather than the other way around.


Pengarang : STEPHEN KEY
Tahun Penerbitan :


This insightful and motivating book will help you to reassess your own leadership style, discover how to make real connections with people, and how to become an effective leader who makes things happen in the real world.

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123 Robotics Experiments For The Evil Genius;

  • Introduces you to robotics, electronics and programming for robotics step by step you don’t need to be a science whiz to get started, but you will be when you have finished
  • Shows how you can create simple robots and models using inexpensive materials and tools found around the house and workroom
  • Vividly explains the science behind robots and the technologies needed to build them, including: electronics, mechanical assembly, motors and assembly and programming and microcontrollers
  • Shows how you can create simple robots and models using materials found around the house and workroom
  • Requires only inexpensive, easily obtained parts and tools
  • Provides a PCB (printed circuit board) that will make it easy to create the circuits used in this book as well as your own experiments
  • Gives you directions for building a maze solving robot, a mine sweeper two different designs for a light seeking robot, a digital sound recorder an artificial intelligence program that will respond to you and much more
  • Explains underlying principles and suggests other applications
  • Supplies parts lists and program listings

Pengarang : MYKE PREDKO
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