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Kod MRDCS Edisi ke 6

The Malaysian Research and Development Classification System (MRDCS) was first introduced in the 1992 National Survey of Research and Development. It was designed for classifying and describing research activities in Malaysia to the highest detail and accuracy. These classifications provide the basis for the measurement and analysis of R&D activities and statistics that are useful guidelines to the government policy makers, industrialists and researchers.... Read More

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Category: F20100 SOCIAL SCIENCES
Group: F20101 Accounting
Code Name
F2010120 Zakat accounting
F2010119 Taxation
F2010199 Other accounting
F2010115 Natural resource accounting
F2010118 Public sector accounting
F2010117 Private sector accounting
F2010116 Not-for-profit accounting
F2010108 Behavioural accounting
F2010110 Human resource accounting
F2010109 Financial accounting
F2010107 Auditing
F2010106 Accounting systems
F2010105 Accounting standards
F2010104 Accounting regulation
F2010112 Islamic accounting
F2010114 Management accounting
F2010113 IT and accounting
F2010111 International accounting
F2010103 Accounting information system
F2010102 Accounting education
F2010101 Accountability
Group: F20102 Economics
Code Name
F2010217 Welfare economics
F2010299 Other economics
F2010216 Resource economics
F2010207 Health economics
F2010206 Environmental economics
F2010205 Economic theory
F2010211 Labour economics
F2010210 Islamisation of economic institutions
F2010209 International economics
F2010213 Public finance
F2010215 Regional economics
F2010214 Public sector economics
F2010212 Natural resource economics
F2010208 Industrial economics
F2010204 Economic modelling & forecasting
F2010201 Agricultural economics
F2010203 Economic history
F2010202 Econometrics
Group: F20103 Management studies
Code Name
F2010320 Techno-economics
F2010399 Other management studies
F2010321 Total quality management (TQM)
F2010319 Strategic management
F2010311 Islamic management
F2010310 International business management
F2010314 Multimedia management
F2010312 Management information system
F2010316 Organisational studies
F2010318 S&T management
F2010317 Purchasing
F2010315 Operational management
F2010313 Marketing
F2010305 Entrepreneurship
F2010304 Entrepreneurial studies
F2010303 Crisis & risk management
F2010307 Human resource development (HRD)
F2010309 Industrial relations
F2010308 Human resource management (HRM)
F2010306 Environmental management
F2010302 Agricultural management
F2010301 Agribusiness
Group: F20104 Political sciences and public policy
Code Name
F2010499 Other political sciences and public policy
F2010407 Local government studies
F2010406 Islamic of political system
F2010408 Policy studies
F2010410 Strategic studies
F2010409 Public policy & administration
F2010405 International relations
F2010401 Conflict resolution
F2010404 Foreign policy
F2010403 Federalism
F2010402 Comparative politics
Group: F20105 Architecture and habitat
Code Name
F2010504 Public issues
F2010503 Landscape management
F2010501 Architecture & urban environment
F2010506 Town & country planning
F2010599 Other architecture and habitat
F2010507 Urban planning & management
F2010505 Rural environment
F2010502 Housing issues
Group: F20106 Sociology
Code Name
F2010608 Gender studies
F2010615 Social policy
F2010612 Modernity studies
F2010611 Migrant workers
F2010619 Urban studies
F2010618 Sociology of development
F2010610 Islamisation and socialisation
F2010614 Social classes and stratification
F2010613 Nation building
F2010609 Industrial sociology
F2010617 Social work and administration
F2010699 Other sociology
F2010616 Social theory
F2010603 Developmental sociology
F2010602 Class studies
F2010601 Criminology
F2010605 Ethics
F2010607 Future studies
F2010606 Ethnic/ race relations
F2010604 Deviance
Displaying 1 - 100 of 1983