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Kod MRDCS Edisi ke 6

The Malaysian Research and Development Classification System (MRDCS) was first introduced in the 1992 National Survey of Research and Development. It was designed for classifying and describing research activities in Malaysia to the highest detail and accuracy. These classifications provide the basis for the measurement and analysis of R&D activities and statistics that are useful guidelines to the government policy makers, industrialists and researchers.... Read More

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Category: F2010000 SOCIAL SCIENCES
Group: F2010100 Political sciences and public policy
F2010101Comparative politics
F2010102Conflict resolution
F2010104Foreign policy
F2010105International relations
F2010106Islamic political system
F2010107Local government studies
F2010108Policy studies
F2010109Political theory and political philosophy
F2010110Public policy and administration
F2010111Strategic studies
F2010112Development policies
F2010114Law and politics
F2010199Other political sciences and public policy n.e.c.
Group: F2010200 Habitat and human settlement
F2010201Community development
F2010202Islamic architecture and urbanism
F2010203Regional planning
F2010204Rural studies
F2010205Social housing
F2010206Urban/land use planning and management
F2010207Urban studies
F2010208Disaster planning
F2010299Other habitat and human settlement n.e.c.
Group: F2010300 Sociology
F2010301Class studies
F2010302Collective action and social change
F2010303Community organization
F2010304Community research
F2010305Comparative government
F2010307Developmental sociology
F2010308Deviance and social control
F2010309Future studies
F2010310Gender studies
F2010312Industrial sociology
F2010313Islamisation of sociology
F2010314Marginal and minority relations
F2010316Modernity studies
F2010317Multiethnic and pluralism
F2010318Nation building
F2010319Political theory and political philosophy
F2010320Poverty, social welfare and social policy
F2010321Research methodology
F2010322Social classes and stratification
F2010323Social impact assessment
F2010324Social movement
F2010325Social theory
F2010326Social trend and indicator
F2010327Social work and administration
F2010328Sociology of child and youth
F2010329Sociology of development
F2010330Sociology of disaster
F2010331Sociology of education
F2010332Sociology of religion
F2010333Sociology of work
F2010334Sociology on local-global relations
F2010335Urban sociology and community studies
F2010336Sociology of law
F2010337Sociology of family
F2010338Social capital
F2010339Social justice
F2010340Sociology of health
F2010341Abuse, neglect and maltreatment
F2010344Late-life family
F2010345Medical sociology
F2010346Environmental sociology
F2010347Family studies
F2010348Death and dying
F2010350Community leadership
F2010351Sociology of consumption
F2010352Social informatics
F2010353Sociology of technology
F2010354Retirement planning
F2010355Financial planning
F2010356Estate planning and management
F2010399Other sociology n.e.c.
Group: F2010400 Archaeology and history
F2010401Archaeology and classical study
F2010402Marine archaeology
F2010403Material culture
F2010404Museum and archives management
F2010407Preservation and conservation
F2010499Other archaeology and history n.e.c.
Group: F2010500 Geography
CodeNameScope Note
F2010501Economic geography
F2010502Environmental geography
F2010503Geographical information system (GIS)
F2010504Natural resourcesn: including soil resources (e.g. soil-land degradation, tin tailing area rehabilitation, peat soils management, BRIS soils management, hill land crops management, rehabilitation of BRIS soils), water resources (e.g. hydrology , water catchment, water management, water recycling and reuse, water standards, ground water management), biodiversity (e.g. animal diversity, fresh water biodiversity, marine biodiversity, microbial diversity, plant diversity, tropical rain forest, wild life conservation, mangrove swamp, wildlife inventory, fungal diversity, bacterial diversity, algal diversity, seaweed diversity, plankton diversity, DNA archiving, flora conservation, conservation of rare and endangered species), bioactive products (e.g. animal products, marine products, microbial products, phytochemicals, mycomedicinal), industrial raw materials (e.g. agro waste, clay, granite, hydrocarbons, limestone, marble, silica, wood, agro products), mineral resource (inclusive of metallics and non-metallics), marine living resources (e.g. mangroves, coral reefs, seaweeds and seagrasses, finfish, shellfish and crustaceans, marine mammals, marine turtles & reptiles, Endangered species, sea birds, marine invertebrates, planktons, marine microbes), marine non- living resources (e.g. oil & gas, marine sediment, sea water, marine minerals), resources utilization (e.g. maintenance of environmental conditions, rehabilitation of natural resources) and natural resource accounting (e.g. carbon, recreation, ecotourism, aesthetic and soil nutrient)
F2010505Regional geography
F2010506Remote sensing
F2010507Social and cultural geography
F2010508Transportation economics
F2010509Urban morphology
Displaying 1 - 100 of 3219