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Kod MRDCS Edisi ke 6

The Malaysian Research and Development Classification System (MRDCS) was first introduced in the 1992 National Survey of Research and Development. It was designed for classifying and describing research activities in Malaysia to the highest detail and accuracy. These classifications provide the basis for the measurement and analysis of R&D activities and statistics that are useful guidelines to the government policy makers, industrialists and researchers.... Read More

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Group: F6010100 Soil and Water Management
Code Name
F6010101 Problematic Soil
F6010102 Soil Biology
F6010103 Soil Chemistry
F6010104 Soil Erosion, Land Management and Conservation
F6010105 Soil Fertility
F6010106 Soil Microbiology
F6010107 Soil Physics
F6010199 Other Soil and Water Management n.e.c.
Group: F6010200 Crop Production and Agriculture Information System and Technology
Code Name
F6010201 Acclimatised Plants
F6010202 Agronomy
F6010203 Commodity
F6010204 Crop Ecophysiology
F6010205 Crop Improvement and Breeding
F6010206 Crop Manipulation/Genetic Engineering
F6010207 Crop Modelling
F6010208 Crop Nutrition
F6010209 Crop Physiology
F6010210 Farm Mechanisation
F6010211 Food Traceability
F6010212 Geographic Information System
F6010213 Geospatial Information Technology
F6010214 K-Agriculture
F6010215 Other Crop and Pasture Production
F6010216 Pasture Management
F6010217 Pests and Diseases
F6010218 Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest
F6010219 Production System
F6010220 Remote Sensing
F6010221 Root Studies
F6010222 Seed Production
F6010223 Weed Sciences
F6010299 Other Crop Production and Agriculture Production System and Technology n.e.c
Group: F6010300 Horticulture
Code Name
F6010301 Floriculture
F6010302 Fruit Crops
F6010303 Hydroponic and Aquaponic
F6010304 Landscape
F6010305 Olericulture (vegetables)
F6010306 Ornamental Plants
F6010399 Other Horticulture n.e.c.
Group: F6010400 Animal and Avian Production
Code Name
F6010401 Animal Feed
F6010402 Animal Growth and Development
F6010403 Animal Health
F6010404 Animal Husbandry
F6010405 Animal Nutrition
F6010406 Animal Pests and Pathogens
F6010407 Animal Reproduction
F6010408 Breeds and Breeding
F6010409 By-Products (Edible and Non-Edible)
F6010410 Dairy Science and Technology
F6010411 Livestock Product
F6010412 Meat Science and Technology
F6010413 Pilot Plant Technology
F6010414 Post Harvest Handling
F6010415 Poultry Egg Technology
F6010416 Product and Ingredient Technology
F6010417 Value-Added Product
F6010499 Other Animal and Avian Production n.e.c.
Group: F6010500 Veterinary Sciences
Code Name
F6010501 Anaesthesiology
F6010502 Bacteriology and Virology
F6010503 Biologics
F6010504 Diseases Management
F6010505 Epidemiology
F6010506 Equestrine Sciences
F6010507 Immunology
F6010508 Medicine
F6010509 Obstetrics and Theriogenology
F6010510 Therapeutics
F6010511 Virology
F6010512 Wildlife and Zoo Animal Diseases
F6010599 Other Veterinary Sciences n.e.c.
Group: F6010600 Plant Pest and Disease Management
Code Name
F6010601 Biological Control
F6010602 Causal Diseases
F6010603 Entomology
F6010604 Integrated Pest Management
F6010605 Pesticide Application Techniques
F6010606 Quarantine Pest and Treatment
F6010699 Other Plant Pest and Disease Management n.e.c.
Group: F6010700 Fisheries Sciences
Code Name
F6010701 Brackish Fisheries
F6010702 Capture Fisheries
F6010703 Feed Formulation for Marine, Freshwater, Brackish and Ornamental
F6010704 Fish Stock Assessment
F6010705 Fisheries Ecology and Conservation
F6010706 Fresh Water Fisheries
F6010707 Marine Fisheries
F6010708 Ornamental/ Aquarium Fish and Plants
F6010709 Recreational Fisheries
F6010799 Other Fisheries Sciences n.e.c.
Group: F6010800 Food Sciences and Nutrition
Code Name
F6010801 Additives and Contaminants
F6010802 Enzymes
F6010803 Food Analysis
F6010804 Food Chemistry
F6010805 Food Emulsion Products
F6010806 Food Microbiology
F6010807 Food Preservation
F6010808 Food Processing
F6010809 Food Quality
F6010810 Food Safety
F6010811 Food Security
F6010812 Food Sensory Evaluation
F6010813 Food Toxicology
Displaying 1 - 100 of 3647