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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Gambar Muka Surat
Main Author
John H. Nelson

This is the only how-to volume that investigates the spectroscopy of a variety of nuclides other than H and C in depth. It contains extensive reference material and numerous problems, most of which include real spectra. It is written to provide users with the knowledge necessary to choose the most appropriate experiment to obtain the best quality spectra with the ability to fully interpret the data.


The book covers

  • basic theory of NMR spectroscopy,
  • spectrum measurement,
  • the chemical shift and examples for selected nuclei,
  • symmetry and NMR spectroscopy,
  • spin-spin coupling and NMR spin systems,
  • typical magnitude of selected coupling constants,
  • nuclear spin relaxation,
  • the nuclear overhauser effect,
  • editing C NMR spectra,
  • two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy,
  • dynamic NMR spectroscopy,
  • lanthanide shift reagents (LSR),
  • NMR of solids.

For NMR spectroscopists and analytical chemists.